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Become a Travelpreneur at 3PlayGrounds

What is a Travelpreneur?

Travelpreneurs are passionate and enterprising travellers who curate and lead trips through the 3Playgrounds marketplace. Successful travelprenurs have experience leading group travel (perhaps for family or friends), have good organizational skills and excellent communication skills. Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to turn your passion for travel into a career
  • Supplement your income by curating and running your own group travel adventures
  • Enrich yourself by enjoying a wealth of new travel experiences
  • Travel to the places you want to go and do the activities you like to do
  • Make new friends as you lead a group of like-minded people
  • A flexible schedule that allows you to plan and lead trips when on your own schedule - current travelprenurs include a medical doctor, a massage therapist and photographers
  • Sharpen your skills and develop them into a new and valuable skill set
  • Experience entrepreneurship while doing something fun

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