About us

About us

If you’re like us, then you find there is nothing better than the sense of discovery that comes with an adventure – however, traditional travel agencies only seem to offer cookie-cutter vacations to well-trodden tourist hot spots, that can be boring and unsatisfying.

It was after a few such experiences, that we decided it was time to take charge and create vacation experiences in our own way. We organized everything ourselves and then found a group of like-minded friends to go with us. It was not always easy - it was hard to find travel companions, source trustworthy local operators and price trips.

We found ways to connect with like-minded travelers online. What started as a small meetup group, has blossomed into a community of more than 27,000 like-minded travel companions, who love discovering new places, just like us! We started 3PlayGrounds so that adventure-minded people can meet traveling companions, post their own adventures and experience one-of-a-kind journeys not found anywhere else.

Lee Ling, Georgina, and Britta

Chiefs of Adventure, Fun, and Community

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