about us

About us

3 women, 3 unique life stories that make up the fabric of 3PlayGrounds...   



Georgina - Chief of Fun 

"In the earlier days, I travelled to developed cities and my main activities were shopping and sight-seeing. This is because my family and friends are not into adventure travelling. Fortunately, some 10 years back..." Learn more






Lee Ling - Chief of Happiness

"Hi, this is Lee Ling. I was stuck in Jakarta jam not long after Asia financial crisis and a mob of over 100 people carrying parang knife decided to walk to my bluebird cab [..], one of my life changing experience and a seed for 3PlayGrounds " Learn more





Britta - Chief of Community

"Hi, I’m Britta. I’m a nomad – I’ve lived on 4 continents to date. I also used to be a career girl …until I decided to drop my old life and join 3PlayGrounds. Why, you ask?"  Learn more




Our community starts with YOU:  Chat with us any time, online or by email to chiefs@threeplaygrounds.com !


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Yours faithfully,

Lee Ling, Chief of Happiness

Georgina, Chief of Fun

Britta, Chief of Community