It is no surprise that so many people have decided to become travel bloggers because who wouldn’t want to make a living travelling to interesting places? However, for the travel blog reader, the sheer number of travel bloggers makes it hard to find the posts that appeal to you most. That is why we have profiled 6 exciting destinations and recommended travel bloggers for each one. Perhaps your next favourite travel blogger is on this list!

1. Naadam Festival, Mongolia by Goats on the Road

Man and child participate in traditional horse race at Naadam festival, Mongolia Naadam Festival by Zazaa Mongolia licenced under CC-BY 4.0

The Naadam festival in Mongolia is a yearly event that features traditional sports such as horse racing, archery and wrestling. Singing and dancing are also showcased against a backdrop of endless rolling plains.

The blog Goats on the Road is written by travel bloggers Nick & Dariece. They have written an engaging post about their experience at Naadam festival in a small town in Mongolia. Their post is well worth the read for anyone interested in learning a bit about the culture of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia.

We are planning on seeing the Naadam festival for ourselves. Click here if you are interested in joining us!

2. The Aegean Sea, Greece by Feetpin

Sunset in Oia, Santorini by karol m licenced under CC-BY 2.0

The Greek islands are known for their warm turquoise seas and whitewashed houses that cling to the sides of the cliffs.

Travel blogger Jennifer captures the spirit of the Greek islands in her series of posts about her trip to Greece. She describes what it is like to sail through the Aegean sea, visit the lesser-known Greek islands and watch the sunset on the island of Santorini.

If you wish to take your own Greek sailing adventure  – we will be heading there next June. Click here for more info!

3. Havana, Cuba by Travel To Far

A man cycles down a street in old town, Havana, CubaHavana, Cuba by Pedro Szekely licenced under CC-BY 2.0

Cuba was once a playground for wealthy Americans – but after the revolutionary war in the 1950s, Cuba spent the rest of the 20th century isolated from its northern neighbour.

In his post about Cuba, Frank Desiront of describes his 8-day visit to the Cuban capital city of Havana in a way that is both intimate and intriguing. It includes beautiful photos that capture the vintage feeling of a city trapped in time. His blog wonderfully weaves together the story of his visit with recommendations about where to eat and what to do.

Are you interested in visiting Havana and other destinations in the region? We will be heading there next November! Click here for more info. 

4. Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka by Let’s Go Bear Travels

Sigiriya Rock and surrounding gardens, Sri Lanka
Sigiriya Rock by Ela112 licenced under CC-BY 3.0

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka is a former Buddhist monastery but is now home to gardens centred around a large volcanic rock. This rock is where Sigiriya gets its name, as Sigiriya means ‘lion rock’ after the lion carved into the side. Visitors can climb all the way to the top for a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside.

Blogger family “Let’s go Bears” from Australia climbed all 1200 steps to the top – a feat which they described in their blog. They have also written a whole series of posts about their trip to Sri Lanka. Their blog provides a great overview of the places and experiences in Sri Lanka that are relevant even if you are travelling with kids.

If you too would like to experience Sri Lanka, a group of us will head there next August! Click here for more details!

5. Avignon, France – The Travel Addicts

The Palais des Papes or Pope's Palace at sunset in Avignon., FranceFront of Pope’s Palace by Chimigi licenced under CC-BY 2.0

Avignon is a lovely city in southern France. It is also beautifully positioned amongst wineries and lavender fields – and is home to the large and imposing Popes’ Palace (pictured above). This impressive castle was home to the head of the Christian church for 100 years in the medieval era.

Part-time travel bloggers Lance and Laura spent 2 weeks in the south of France – including Avignon. They have put together a fantastic guide of the city that includes what to see in Avignon beyond the famous Popes’ Palace. If you delve further into their blog you can also read more about things to see and do in the region.

We are planning our own trip to southern France! Click here if you are interested in coming along.

6. Raja Amapat, Indonesia by Travel with Eelima

Lush islands rise above an emerald sea in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
 Raja Amapat licenced under CC-BY 4.0

Raja Amapat is a series of islands in the east of Indonesia. These islands are a bit hard to get to but are renowned for their fantastic marine biodiversity. They are an excellent place to snorkel, scuba dive, or just go for a sail between the islands.

Professional writer Neelima Vallangi has created a photo-story on her travel blog about her experience snorkelling in and around these islands. She has compiled some fantastic shots of the fish and colourful corals there. Her images highlight the fact that the majesty of a place like Raja Amapat is best captured through images.

If you would enjoy seeing the corals and fishes of Raja Amapat for yourself, join us for our trip there next November.

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