Wonders of Sth America: Machu Picchu, Uyuni Salt Flats, Iguazu Falls, Sugarloaf

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South America: Wonders of Sth America: Machu Picchu, Uyun...

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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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This 21-day tour takes you to Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil and wastes no time in bringing you the best of what the four countries can offer you. You will be flying from city to city - eight cities in all, but you get to take your time in each location to fully take in the sights, immerse yourself in the history and culture, and have a local guide provide you with the insights of each amazing destination.

(Cover picture is the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. IMHO, the 3-day tour in the salt flats was one on my most picturesque in my life thus far -  aside from the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Canada where I spent 14 years living in the vicinity of)

Note: Although this tour is 23 days, the number of leave days you need to apply is only 14.

Machu Picchu

UNESCO's world heritage site, Machu Picchu, is the primary reason tourists arrive in Peru. The ancient city of the Incas, it was never discovered by the Spanish invaders as it laid under the thick canopy of the Andean forests. Parts of Machu Picchu are more than 6,000 years old, making it 1,000 years older that ancient Babylon. We will do a day hike to Machu Picchu trekking on the actual trail the ancient Incas took to reach this ancient city. Along the way, our knowledgeable local guide will tell us stories of Incan kings, the lives of the citizens of this agricultural kingdom, and what led to the discovery of the beautiful Machu Picchu. And when you arrive at Machu Picchu at the end of your day's hike, you will see alpacas, like the one in the picture, roaming freely among the ruins. You'll probably won't resist going home without a shot of one of these exotic creatures in such a majestic place!

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

(No, it's not the wrong Uyuni ..... haha! - Salar means salt here). See the largest salt flats in the whole world! Other salt flats are in Argentina, Namibia, and Utah (just to name a few) but nothing compares to the almost 11,000 square kilometres of the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia. This amazing landscape produces that mirroring effect when a few centimetres of water remain on the surface and reflect the amazing sky and clouds above. It then becomes the largest mirror in the whole world! The Uyuni Salt Flats is so flat and covers such a wide area that NASA uses it to calibrate satellite orbits. The salt flats lie at an altitude of 3,656 metres. We will spend an absolutely thrilling three days here, marvelling at the brilliant scenery and the spectacular landscapes, while travelling in 4x4 Jeeps (exactly like the one pictured) at altitudes ranging from 3,400 to 4,700m.

The Calchaqui Valley in Salta, Argentina

From Salta, Argentina, you'll travel south for 3D/2N through the Calchaqui Valley and do a loop back to Salta. The tour goes through three different canyons, you'll hear lots of history from the local guide, and at the end of the day, get to sip on wines in Cafayate and the vineyards in the surrounding region. You also get the chance to bike or walk along the stretch of beautiful highway that winds through this amazing landscape, under the deep blue sky that this place is known for.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

These spectacular falls between Brazil and Argentina is 80m high and almost 3km wide. The national parks where the falls are situated are on the UNESCO's world heritage list since 1984 (Argentina) and 1986 (Brazil). It has been described as "the world’s visually and acoustically most stunning natural sites for its massive waterfalls". The forests surrounding the parks are abundant with wildlife with thousands of plant species, hundreds of bird species, and almost a hundred mammalian and invertebrate species. The two days that we will spend at this site will not just allow us to get soaked from the sprays of the waterfalls but by the immense volume of information about the natural and ecological environment of these forests.

Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil

You probably have seen this iconic picture of Brazil many times and perhaps this will be THE place you've always dreamed of going. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO not too long ago, in 2012. The site encompasses the highest points of the Tijuca National Park's mountains down to the sea and includes the Botanical Gardens, the Corcovado Mountain (Christ the Redeemer statue), hills around Guanabara Bay, and the extensively designed landscapes around Copacabana Bay. During our 2-day Rio De Janeiro city tour, our local guide will take us to these must-see sights and beyond, to taste the local cuisine, view some hidden gems, and be awed by the outdoor living culture of this inspirational city.

Additional Info

The cost that is listed on the webpage for this tour is the cost per person for an 8-person group.
The following is the cost per person according to the number of persons in the group tour.
In addition to the cost per person below, there is the flight cost that covers the eight flights during the tour.

*The cost for the eight flights is USD1,161 / SGD 1,591

Group of 8 pax: USD 4,908 / SGD 6,724 per person
Group of 7 pax: USD 5,085 / SGD 6,967 per person
Group of 6 pax: USD 5,438 / SGD 7,451 per person
Group of 5 pax: USD 5,778 / SGD 7,915 per person
Group of 4 pax: USD 6,157 / SGD 8,435 per person

Exchange rate is calculated at 1.37

*Note: the cost for the eight flights is correct as of 8 May 2019. As airfares usually increase closer to the departure dates, you may have to bear the cost of the increase if this happens. (Going by experience, as long as we book these flights by 8 July 2019, we can be quite certain, but not a guarantee, that there will not be an increase, or if there is, it may not be too significant).

A deposit to confirm your booking for this tour is SGD 2,500 and it is to be paid by 16 June 2019.

Recommended Outbound and Inbound Singapore flight:
To be confirmed. Details will be given after tour is confirmed to proceed.
Cost of airfare: from S$2,400


Departure from Singapore to Lima (Peru) on:
25 Oct night or 26 Oct early morning

26 Oct
Arrive Lima
Check into Hotel - free time

27 Oct Meals: BF, L
Lima city tour with culinary experience

28 Oct Meals: BF
Flight: Lima to Cuzco
Cuzco city tour

29 Oct Meals: BF
Maras Salt Mines, Moray Archaelogical Complex, Sacred Valley Tour

30 Oct Meals: BF, L, D
Cuzco by train to trail head of hike
2-Day Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu
Optional: Climb Machu Picchu or Huayna Picchu Mountain

31 Oct Meals: BF
Machu Picchu - guided tour of citadel and ruins
Return to Cuzco by train

1 Nov Meals: BF
Flight: Cuzco to La Paz
Half day city tour of La Paz

2 Nov Meals: BF
Full day city tour of La Paz

3 Nov Meals: BF, L, D
Flight: La Paz to Uyuni
3-day Uyuni Salt Flats Tour

4 Nov Meals: BF, L, D
2nd day of tour

5 Nov Meals: BF, L
3rd day of tour
Flight: Uyuni to Santa Cruz

6 Nov Meals: BF
Flight: Santa Cruz to Salta
3-day Calchaqui Valley tour

7 Nov Meals: BF
2nd day of tour

8 Nov Meals: BF
3rd day of tour
Flight: Salta to Iguazu
Free evening

9 Nov Meals: BF
Iguazu Falls Argentina

10 Nov Meals: BF
Iguacu Falls Brazil

11 Nov Meals: BF
Flight: Iguacu to Rio De Janeiro
Free afternoon in RDJ

12 Nov Meals: BF
Rio De Janiero city tour

13 Nov Meals: BF
Rio De Janeiro city tour
Flight: Rio De Janeiro to Sao Paulo

14 Nov Meals: BF
Sao Paulo city tour

15 Nov Meals: BF
Sao Paolo city tour
End of 21-day South America Tour
Flight: Sao Paolo to Singapore (Departure at 10pm or later)

16 Nov or 17 Nov
Arrival in Singapore