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This adventure is: #tastebud tickling, #for a good cause

Laos: Volunteer in Laos

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Who's going?

Hi, I am Teo Ee Huat, a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and I lead students annually on a study trip to Vientiane and Vang Vieng in LAO PDR. This year I am going with 13 students and two other staffs on a 7days 6 nights (15 – 21 June 2017) study trip. The cost excluding Air Asia plane tickets is around $500 Singapore dollars per person.


Program highlights:


Experience taking overnight train from Bangkok to Nong Khai (bordering Lao PDR)

Experience taking short train from Nong Khai (Thailand) to Thanaleng (Lao PDR) across the friendship bridge

Visit COPE to learn about the effect of Vietnam’s war on Lao PDR

Visit Lao National Museum to learn about the history of Laos.

Visit Night market at Vientiane to immerse in local culture

Enjoy the scenic views of karst limestone formations across Vang Vieng town

Cycling experience to Vang Vieng Organic Farm

Learn about the various projects initiated by NGOs at Vang Vieng

Experience padi plantation, earth brick making, and bamboo cutting

Chill out at night explore the nightlife at Vang Vieng town


Experience tubing and kayaking down the Namsong River at Vang Vieng town

Experience ziplining (flying fox) and taking hot air balloon over Vang Vieng town

LAO/Thai massage

Photos showing activities done by previous groups:

 Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos


 Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos

 Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos

 Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos

Volunteer in Laos starting at LaosVolunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Volunteer in Laos starting at Laos
Trip Programme:


Day 1 (15 June 2017 / Thursday):

Meet at 3pm at T1 Changi Airport to take Air Asia flight to Thailand/Don Muang Airport

(Plane ticket self-purchase)


Arrival at Don Muang Airport at 18.35pm Thailand time

Clear immigration

Dinner at Don Muang Airport

Walk to Don Muang train station to take overnight train

Board overnight train at 9.30pm


Day 2 (16 June 2017 / Friday)

Arrival at Nong Khai Train Station at 7.30am

Simple peanut butter sandwich breakfast at 8.00am

Clear Thai immigration

Board train to Thanaleng (LAO PDR) train station

Arrival at Thanaleng train station

Clear Lao immigration

Board minivan to Avilla Prasouk Hotel, Vientiane

Arrival at Avilla Prasouk Hotel at 9.30am Lao time

Leave luggage at hotel (check in at 11 am)

Visit Lao National Museum.

Visit Morning Market (Talat Sao Market)

Check in Avilla Hotel at 11.30am

Lunch at street side café

Visit COPE (Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise) Visitor Centre

[Optional: Visit That Luan / Victory monument]

Dinner at street side café

Visit night market

[Optional: Traditional Massage]

Back to Avilla Prasouk Hotel at 10.30pm

Night out


Day 3 (17 June 2017 / Saturday)

Breakfast at Avilla Prasouk Hotel starting from 7 am

Check out at 8.30am

Take minibus to Vang Vieng (3.5 hours journey with ½ hour break in between) at 9 am

Arrival at Vang Vieng Boutique hotel at 1.30pm

Cycling to and explore Vang Vieng Organic Farm and Vang Semai Village

Dinner at street side café in Vang Vieng town at 7 pm

Explore Vang Vieng town at night

Night out at 10.30pm


Day 4 (18 June 2017 / Sunday)

Breakfast at Vang Vieng Boutique Hotel starting 7 am

Tuktuk to SAELAO Project site at 8.30am

Rice planting / Making earth bricks / Cutting bamboo (whole day at SAELAO Project site)

Lunch at SAELAO Project site

Dinner at street side café at Vang Vieng town at 7 pm

Explore Vang Vieng town at night


Day 5 (19 June 2017 / Monday)

Breakfast at Vang Vieng Boutique Hotel starting 7 am

Option 1: Cycling to Vangsemai village and surround villages

Option 2: Tubbing/Hot Air Ballooning (morning) / kayaking/ziplining (afternoon) at Namsong river

Lunch (own time own target)

Dinner at street side café at VangVieng town at 7 pm

Explore VangVieng town at night


Day 6 (20 June 2017 / Tuesday)

Breakfast at VangVieng Boutique Hotel starting at 7 am

Depart for Vientiane by minibus (3.5 hours journey with ½ hour break)

Arrival at Vientiane by 1 pm

Lunch at street side cage at Vientiane

Rest and relax (shower: Optional) at Avilla Prasouk Hotel

Depart for Thanaleng Train station at 4 pm via tuk-tuk

Clear Lao immigration at Thanaleng Train station

Train to Nong Khai at 5.30pm

Clear Thai immigration at Nong Khai at 6 pm

Packet Dinner (Fried Rice)

Board overnight train at Nong Khai at 6.30pm


Day 7 (21 June 2017 / Wednesday)

Arrival at Don Muang Train Station at 5.05am (yes, 5.05am)

[Option to take train all the way to Hualongpoon Train Station at the heart of Bangkok and spend extra day in Bangkok on your own]

Check in and clear immigration at Don Muang airport at 6 am

AirAsia flight back to Singapore at 7 am

Arrival in Singapore at 10.30am Singapore time


This adventure is: #tastebud-tickling, #for-a-good-cause

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