TURTLE EXPEDITION Photo Exhibition & Sharing

Kallang Wave Mall Singapore

Base Camp Cafe, Kallang Wave Mall

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Kallang Wave Mall Singapore: TURTLE EXPEDITION Photo Exhi...

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Baby Sea Turtles Hatching, something on your bucket list?
You don't need to Travel that far for something so extraordinary.

nicole aka Nikkiko, ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS Founder, Photographer & Expedition Leader - will be putting up a Photo Exhibition at Base Camp Cafe, Kallang Wave Mall, and doing a Photo Sharing about her trips to a Turtle Conservation Centre in Malaysia, Tioman over the past 2 years.

You can check out some photos from our last Turtle Expedition here: https://client.wildlifestyle.co/turtlex/

Photo Exhibition & Talk is free.
Base Camp Cafe venue entry $2/hr.

Please RSVP to indicate your interest.

If you have any questions, email or whatsapp message
ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS at hello@AnimalEncounterWT.com ,
+65 9184 0209.

TURTLE EXPEDITION Photo Exhibition & Sharing starting at Kallang Wave Mall Singapore