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Iceland: The Ultimate Iceland Ring Road Tour

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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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See the complete Iceland!

This tour is a repeat of the incredible tour we did in October 2019. We had an extraordinary time with the wondrous autumn colours, some generous sprinkling of snow when we were in northern Iceland - which adds a nice white blanket on the already amazing landscape, and the awe-inspirng Eastern Fjords that took our breath away. To top it all off, we were lucky to catch the Northern Lights on three nights, with one magical night basking in the glow of Mother Nature's light display while soaking in the hotsprings of the Blue Lagoon.

This tour will need a minimum of 12 persons to go ahead.
The maximum number for this tour is 17 pax.

What is the tour about:

1. Tour the whole of Iceland, staying in a different town every night - A Road Trip!

- We will see the complete Iceland by travelling on the Ring Road in a passenger van that can fit the group and our luggage. This will mean driving from one town to the next and staying in a different town every night. Only around Lake Myvatn, in the north, will we stay two nights in one of the towns - because this region in the North is such an incredible place to be in.

2. Sightseeing Tour
- On many parts of our journey along the Ring Road, we will make stops, when it is safe and possible to do so, for the stunning scenery, that is just too amazing to not take pictures of. We also make a few other planned stops to see waterfalls, craters, glaciers, geothermal areas, or hot springs.

3. Mostly short walks and easy hikes
- This is mainly a sightseeing tour. At some of our sightseeing locations, we will need to walk from the car park to the scenic attraction, which can be a waterfall, a geothermal landscape, or a crater. Some walks are just a few minutes, and some are 30 to 45 minutes. The walks are mostly on flat ground, with a few of them on undulating terrain. On about two or three of the walks, when we head from our parked vehicle to see some volcanic craters, we will walk up a steep slope or make a steep climb up to the crater. On other occasions, we may climb stairs to get up to a scenic spot, or walk around a scenic area with some elevation. The hikes will not be strenuous for the average person.

4. Optional Activities are available
- There are some optional tours which you can choose to do. These will be announced to you after you have signed up for the tour.

What's so different about this Ring Road tour and the chance to see the Northern Lights?
This Ultimate Ring Road Tour takes you on a complete circle around the whole of Iceland. You'll see more than those who do a winter tour that only covers the South of Iceland. Most winter tours do not travel the ring road to the North of Iceland, as the roads there are often not accessible in winter, but these tours get the chance to see the Northern Lights, if they are fortunate enough. Travellers in summer get the chance to do the ring road but not the Northern Lights as daylight is almost 24 hours. On our September tour, we could do the ring road because the snow has not arrive yet, and we do not get the long daylight hours like in summer, so we also get the opportunity with dark nights to catch the Northern Lights (if we are fortunate enough).

This tour therefore brings you the best of both worlds. You will travel the ring road to see the complete Iceland - the amazing Northern landscapes, the extraordinary beauty of Lake Myvatn, the other-worldly geothermal regions of the North, the marvellous Eastern Fjords, and also get a shot at capturing the brilliant Northern Lights at nightfall!

Here's what an Autumn tour in Iceland is like:
Autumn is the off season in Iceland so there will be less crowds . It will mean it's easier to have your pictures taken, there'll be easier travel on roads, and on the whole, quieter everywhere. Winter hasn't arrive yet, so it's not too cold, but be prepared for cold winds and rain, and possibly, snow somteimes. However, it has been said that in Iceland, you can expect all four seasons in one day, and it is more so during autumn. But expect to get some warm and bright days during the tour too.

Autumn will be awesome in Iceland when the autumn colours add to the colourful hues that you'll see throughout Iceland, from the mossy greens, the warm reds and browns, and cool greys and greens on rock faces and canyons, turquiose waters, and white glaciers, black sandy beaches, and cool blues in glacier lagoons. Add the occasional snow that may fall on these colours, you'll be in for a visual treat on this tour!

Let's crossed our fingers that we'll catch the Northern Lights too!

Please whatsapp Daniel at +6598872168 if you have any questions about this tour.

As this is a road trip and if you wish to volunteer to drive on this tour, please whatsapp me at +6598872168 for information and details.

Accommodations on our Tour
One of the priority I have when booking accommodations is to have breakfast included. The rationale for that is that being on a road trip, with a large group, it is essential that we have breakfast conveniently available for us at our accommodation, first thing in the morning. It saves time without having to go out of the hotel to look for breakfast, deciding what to eat when you're at the cafe, having to make payment, and then returning on time to the hotel to be ready to set off. With breakfast included in our accommodation, you can have a leisurely breakfast with everything laid out for you to choose and then ready to leave as soon as you finished breakfast.

On this tour, we will be staying in good clean comfortable hotels that varies from modern hotels in Reykjavik, to countryside hotels, and a few decent hotels in small towns. We will also stay in a couple of Guesthouses that have shared bathrooms in two of the locations. Breakfast is included in all these accommodation types.

Rooms are twin or triple-sharing in hotels or guesthouses. However, in two locations, we might have to utilise a quad-sharing room if the room configurations do not fit our group. In one of the hotels, there is a chance the group might have to share a 4-bedroom house that will fit 7-pax with 7 beds, if our numbers and gender configuration do not fit what is available for twin and triple-sharing rooms. This is a countryside hotel that has chalet-like accommodations. The guesthouses that we will stay in at 2 locations, will have shared bathrooms (i.e. your rooms do not have a private bathroom)

*Note: If anyone of you would like room upgrades, please let me know and I will book rooms in other hotels for your convenience and work out the additional cost involved. Please note that room upgrades may not come with breakfast, as the accommodation provider (hotels included) may not have a breakfast included option. It may also mean that you might have to go to a cafe outside the hotel to get breakfast if the hotel does not have an F&B outlet. Feel free to discuss your options with me.

Allocation of Beds and Rooms
In our allocation of beds (twin beds or bunk beds) or rooms (twin, triple, or quad-sharing) according to our needs, it will be on a first-come-first-served and gender configuration basis.

Cost of Tour Package:
12-pax group: SGD 3,289 per pax
13-pax group: SGD 3,159 per pax
14 to 15-pax group: SGD 3,119 per pax
16-pax group: 3,049 per pax
17-pax group: 2,969 per pax

*Please note that the above cost has been converted into SGD based on the prevailing Euro-Sing dollar exchange rates.
As our destination suppliers of accommodation, vehicle rentals, gasolene, and all other services are paid in Euros, the cost shown may be adjusted if the Euro-Sing dollar rates rises drastically and it is not feasible to carry on the tour at the rates stated. We will do our utmost best not to have to resort to any changes in the costs, except in a very serious situation. We feel that we have to mention this due to the uncertainty of the Russian-Ukraine war situation that may render drastic changes in exchange rates. So far this has not happened and we hope it stays that way.

Deposit: SGD 1,200 by 28 June 2022
A deposit of SGD 1,200 have to be made by 15 June 2022 to secure a place on the tour.

Full Payment by 10 July 2022
The balance of the full cost of the tour must be made by 10 July 2022.

Flight to Reykjavik (KEF)
The recommended flight to Reykjavik (KEF) is on Finnair which transits at Helsinki enroute to Reykjavik.

The booked flight should arrive in KEF on 14 Sept at 8.35 am and should depart KEF on the morning of 24 Sep at 7.30am or later.

Flight booking is your own responsibility, but DO NOT BOOK your flight until you have been imformed by us that this tour is confirmed and will go ahead as planned.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

This shot was taken in Oct 2019 on our group tour. We were so fortunate to have this many "diamonds" on the shore. I was there in June the same year with another group and we only had very few tiny pieces scattered sparsely about. What's amazing is the bright turquoise-blue floating icebergs in the lagoon. The colours are simply unreal.

En Route to Reykholt

So we left Reykjavik after our first day there, and started on our 9-day road trip, heading west towards Borgarnes. Just about 10 minutes out of the city, we were greeted with splendid views of the mountains and lots of brilliant golden hues of autumn. We just had to stop. Glad we did find a side road to turn off for this breathtaking view and group shot.

Golden Circle Tour - Pingvellir National Park

This was Day 1 when we were taken for the Golden Circle tour by a local operator. An awesome walk with great scenes all round. We ended on top of a viewpoint for a 360-degree spectacle of inspiration!

Lake Myvatn

We took an afternoon walk around our farm resort in Lake Myvatn in Northern Iceland. Snow had fallen in this northern region just a day before. It was a great day to be out with fresh snow on the ground exploring hidden gems nearby. The walk had us trudging on snow in fields of white, passing by other farms and their fences. Our group (on the right in the picture) had stopped for a long time to admire and take in this beautiiful winter scene of Lake Myvatn - very different from the golden autumn colours we had for the last two days.

Grabrok Crater

Day 2 (before Lake Myvatn in previous picture). We did a walk around this crater and as you can see from the size of the people in the distance, the steps, and trail on the rim, Grabrok is a huge crater. The dramatic scene all round made the walk a memorable one.

Autumn Colours

One of the more beautiful stops we made along our driving route that exemplifies Mother Nature's autumn.

The Eastern Fjords

From Lake Myvatn in the north, we head to the east to spend a truly spectacular day driving through the dramatic scenes of the Eastern Fjords.

Dryholaey Lighthouse

From the east, we went back down to the south as we neared the end of our ring road driving tour. This was after sunrise and we had spent a long time around this lighthouse and the vicinity taking lots of shots. Our group was heading back to the car, and I just felt I need to take this view. So hurriedly, I lined up the shot and took it without much thinking. Little did I know I had also captured the silhouette of two persons perfectly fitted in the frame of the reflecting sun off the ocean. This is now one of my favourite shots,

Reynisfjara - Black Sand Beach

We arrived here straight after we checked out of our hotel and was kinda glad we were one of the first who reached here. This part of the beach is still quite secluded. and the sun is still nicely hidden behind those famous rocks of Reynisfjara.

Welcome to Iceland - Land of Fire and Ice!

This is one of the slogans for Iceland, in their lure to bring in tourists. There are certainly lots of ice from astonishing glaciers all around Iceland, but this, in Jokulsarlon, says it all about "Ice". Simply amazing! As for the "Fire" part, it would be the active and dormant volcanoes that are spread out around the country. Didn't see any of that as it would involve much more than a sightseeing driving tour to get up into an active volcano to see molten lava. Most of all, there were lots of geothermal areas that look like other-planetary landscapes - Namaskard, being one of the more popular ones, the geysers, and hotsprings, the plentiful and uniquely beautiful waterfalls, dramatic coastal scenes, and surrealistic landscapes that made a visit along the ring road - a complete Iceland tour! Add to that the warm golden colours of autumn and throw in some snow in the North, you will not want to miss a tour like this!

Additional Info

Method of Payment:
Please make payment via bank transfer to:

DBS A/C: 0549053627

Company Name: WeirdoFreako Outdoor Pte Ltd

Please include in the bank transfer the reference: Daniel 864 "Your Name"
Example: Daniel 864 SimonTan

If you are not doing a bank transfer with a local Singapore bank account, then you might need the following details:

Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Bank Code: 7171
Branch Code: 054
Account Number: 0549053627
Country: SG

Bank Address:
12 Marina Boulevard,
DBS Asia Central,
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3,
Singapore 018982

Payment Schedule:
Deposit: SGD 1,200 by 15 June 2022
Full Payment by 10 July 2022

Cost of Tour Package:
12-pax group: SGD 3,289 per pax
13-pax group: SGD 3,159 per pax
14 to 15-pax group: SGD 3,119 per pax
16-pax group: 3,049 per pax
17-pax group: 2,969 per pax

*Please note that the DBS promotion is no longer available. It had expired during the Covid pandemic.


Tue 13 Sep
Evening: Departure from SIN by Finnair

Wed 14 Sep
08:35 Arrival in Reykjavik (KEF)
Airport - currency exchange, ATM withdrawals, breakfast at airport (own cost), packed lunch
Transfer to hotel in Reykjavik.
Afternoon: Golden Circle, Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, Gullfoss (and Kerid, if time permits)

Thu 15 Sep Meals: BF
After 7am Breakfast, start of our road trip on Iceland's Ring Road
Borgarnes town – Option: Settlement Centre museum
EITHER Grabrok volcanic crater – short hike OR Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfall
(Either/Or: the other will be done the next day)
Optional (if available, own expense): Langjokull Ice Cave Tour @ 3pm (4h) – by local tour operator

Fri 16 Sep Meals: BF
Hvammstangi and Hvitserkur coast - basalt stacks and seals on beach.
Trollaskagi Peninsula – region of scenic high mountains (from Saudarkrokur to Siglufjordor)
Siglufjordor – charming, beautiful sea-side town. Option: visit herring museum

Sat 17 Sep Meals: BF
Akureyri – capital of the North with museums and botanical gardens
Optional Tours: whale watching at seaside towns at or before Akureyri
Godafoss – Waterfall of the Gods
Skutustadir pseudo-craters – hike onto crater, scenic views over lake (can be done next day)
Optional: Myvatn Nature Baths – hot springs (or next day)

Sun 18 Sep Meals: BF
Dimmuborgir (translation: Dark Castles) huge lava field with interesting rock formations
Hverfjell – possible short hike, depending on trail conditions
Namaskard Pass – fumaroles, mud pools, and mud pots
Krafla caldera – volcanic crater with an opaque teal green lake, short hike beside crater
Dettifoss – second most powerfull waterfall in Europe after the Rhine Falls
Selfoss – trail to Dettifoss detours to this waterfall
*Evening: Prepare, if you wish, packed lunch for next day OR Just buy from deli the next day

Mon 19 Sep Meals: BF
Dettifoss and Selfoss waterfalls (if not covered the previous day)
2-3h Drive through black sand desert to arrive at Egilsstadir
Seydisfjordur – beautiful drive to arrive at this charming town (dependent on road conditions)

Tue 20 Sep Meals: BF
Coastal drive through rugged East Fjords of Iceland – packed lunch or late lunch at Hofn
The Eastern Fjords of Iceland* - very scenic and beautiful drive
*Faskrudsfjordur – French/Icelandic town
*Stodvarfjodur – famous for scenery and spectacular mountain peaks, Petra’s Stone Collection
*Djupivogur – art installation by the coast: The Eggs of Merry Bay (possible lunch stop)
*Stokksnes – Vestrahorn mountain w steep cliffs rising fr lagoon, black sand beach, Viking Village film set
Hofn – good town for seafood (claimed to be)

Wed 21 Sep Meals: BF
Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach
Fjallsarlon – glacier lagoon
Svinafelljokull glacier view point
Skaftafell National Park – Option: hike to Svartifoss waterfall if time permits
(Only if time permits: Kirkjubaejarklaustur – Iceland’s first monastery, Systrafoss waterfall & Kirkjugolf)

Thu 22 Sep Meals: BF
Reynisfjara – black sand beach
Dyrholaey – lighthouse and puffins
Skogafoss – one of the country’s tallest waterfalls
Seljalandsfoss – one of the best-known waterfalls in Iceland
Kerid – volcanic crater lake (if time permits)
Optional (own expense, if time permits): Blue Lagoon – Hot spring and spa

Fri 23 Sep Meals: BF
Free day in Reykjavik – Shopping, souvenirs, museums, cafes, art galleries
Optional Tours (own expense): Hikes, Glacier walks, Ice caves (if available), Snorkelling, etc

Sat 24 Sep Meals: BF (if available)
AM: Transfer to Airport via Mini Bus/Van - @4am approx, if regular Finnair flight (Dep 07:30)

Sun 25 Sep
Evening - Arrival in SIN


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