The Stunning Canyons of Utah 15 Days: 14 - 28 November 2020

Utah, UT, USA

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Utah: The Stunning Canyons of Utah 15 Days: 14 - 28 Novem...

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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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*Picture above taken on 16 Nov 2019 @Zion National Park - the best scenic picture I've ever taken on a very beautiful morning walk in the Park.

Due to Covid-19, this tour has been re-scheduled from 4th April to 14th Nov 2020

This is a 15-day scenic road trip through the most beautiful National Parks in Utah, touching a little bit of Arizona. We will vist the amazing arches in Arches National Park, the gigantic mesas and buttes in Monument Valley, the swirling sandstone canyon walls of Antelope Canyon, the heaven-on-earth beauty of Zion National Park, the spectacular hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, and the hidden gems of cliffs, domes and bridges in Capitol Reef National Park.

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What this tour is all about:
This tour is mainly a sightseeing, road-trip tour. The walks or hikes that we do are simple and easy ones that do not require good physical fitness. It is suitable for any average person.

- lots of incredible views of natural rock formations, scenic vistas, cliffs, canyons, mountains, rivers, and valleys.
- a lot of the time we will be driving to scenic spots, to lookout points, and to specific attractions. we will also make lots of unplanned stops while driving through a scenic route, when we spot interesting sights or astonishing scenery.

Road Trip
- Our whole 15-days road trip is a circular route, so we start and end from the same city, Grand Junction.
- We will stay from 1-night to 3-nights in each city or town.

Walking in the Park
- some of the time, our sightseing will involve taking a walk through a scenic area in the park.
- walks are usually 5 - 30 mins long on mostly flat ground to a landmark or scenic spot. This is usually the case when we walk from the car park to the scenic viewpoint, or to a landmark.
- some walks are about 30 mins to 1.5 hours long, but again, it is mostly on flat trails with minimal elevation. In our whole 14 days in the National Parks, we will probably do 7 to 8 of these short walks.
- a 3.5h hike includes the times for walking, resting, picture-taking, snacking, and eating lunch. We will have only one hike in Arches NP that is of this duration. It is the hike through Devil's Garden that will take us to six different Arches along the whole route. Depending on interest in the group, another long hike we might do is in Zion NP - to the very popular Angel's Landing, which will take about 3 hours return.

Duration of Land Tour:
15 days

Dates of Land Tour:
4 - 18 April 2020
NOW: 14 - 28 Nov 2020

Dates away from Singapore (inclusion of flight days):
Sat 4 April - Sun 19 April
Sat 14 Nov - Sun 29 Nov 2020
The total number of days away is 16 days

Possible Airlines for Outbound/Inbound Singapore :
United Air, Singapore Airlines - recommended flight will be announced soon
Estimated cost of flight: SGD 1,100 - 1,600

Recommended Flight:
The recommended flight will be chosen to fit the program in the itinerary with primary consideration for a low priced flight. Other considerations will be total duration of flight travel, number of connections, duration of layovers, and airline.
Once the recommended flight is chosen, the pick-up time for arrival and the drop-off time for departure will be based on the recommended flight, and so arranged transfers will be based on those times.

Cost of Tour Package Per Person:
SGD 2,770 - based on 6pax group

7pax group: SGD 2,749
8pax - 10pax group: SGD 2,649

SGD 1,350

All deposits need to be paid up by 1 June to have a spot reserved on this tour.
After 16 February, please contact me or whatsapp me at +6598872168 if you want to sign up for thiis tour.

DBS Credit Card discount - Pay with a DBS / POSB Credit Card and get $100 off!

Your deposit will be refunded if tour cannot proceed due to insufficient group numbers. Minimum pax numbers required for tour to proceed is 6 pax.

Full Payment:
2 August 2020

Arches National Park

Arches National Park - simply the most stunningly beautiful place in the world! The park contains the world's largest concentration of natural sandstone arches., More than 2,000 arches are located in the park's 76,000 acres. We were there in November 2019 and each and every time I finish with one arch, and got back in the car, I was filled with eager anticipation for the what the next one would look like. The tour through Arches National Park was certainly an exciting journey of discovery. We had to hike to this spot which shows the iconic Delicate Arch in the background. It was close to sunset and we stayed to soak in the warm evening glow with the Delicate Arch in centre stage, as the sun disappeared from the horizon.

Delicate Arch

This is Delicate Arch, the icon of Arches National Park. (It is in the background of the previous picture, if you notice) We arrive here in the late afternoon, and already a large crowd have gathered waiting patiently to capture their once-in-a-lifetime sunset shot. After all, it took them at least one hour to hike into this spot. But in reality, most would have taken 2 hours, taking their time with pictures and with the steep rock face along the way.

Balanced Rock

Among the other spectacular formations of Arches in this park, this is one of the most interesting natural rock formations in Arches National Park that is not an arch. See this on this tour before it falls off its perch one day! Or there may be a time when it is not safe for the people in the picture to stand where they are. We took a short walk on this particular day, walking up to and around the Balanced Rock.

Park Avenue @Arches National Park

These sandstone rock formations resemble skyscrapers in a modern city street - hence, Park Avenue. Formed by geologic pressure and the erosions within the past 2 million years, these verticle slabs, also called fins, are the first stage of arch formation. During our tour, we may have time to do an easy hike through Park Avenue, to be up close to this gigantic rocks.

Landscape Arch @ Arches NP

Imho, the most spectacular arch in the park. Some years ago, a huge chunk of rock broke and fell off this arch and leaving behind what you see now, a very thin arch lying very long across. Prior to the piece breaking and falling off, people could walk right up and stand under the arch. But because of that incident, it is now fenced to keep people from a distance. It is probable that very soon this arch would cease to be an arch when that thin piece break off and fall. Well, go see it before that happens! Then you can claim that you saw what was =:)

Hiking from Landscape Arch to Partition, Navajo and Double O Arch

This is a great hike to do. We came up to this point walking on top of these rocks (quite fun really, like a child's playground going up these rocks). Elevation is mostly gradual and for most of the way, you are so caught up with taking pictures that you don't have time to think of catching your breath. I certainly don't want to be in the shoes of my friend, the photographer here who is loaded with his heavy camera equipment in his backpack and a loaded camera in front. "But trust me, it's all worth it!", he tells me.

Taking shots along the hiking trail

Hiking through these rock formations, you'll find picture perfect shots everywhere, at every angle, and at every turn. Sometimes, you turn back to capture an interesting scene.

Still Hiking towards Double O Arch

Continuing our interesting hike through this rock playground.

Hiking back from Double O Arch

We just have to stop, look back, and admire the scenery hiking back from Double O Arch. Still enjoying our jaunt through this playground.

Reaching the end of our hike as we neared Landscape Arch

As we finished our hike and our time spent over the last 2 days in Arches National Park, we head towards Monument Valley, where a totally different scene awaits us.

Monument Valley

These are huge natural rock formations (note the size of the white van on the road in the foreground) found in Monument Valley - which is part of the Navajo Indian Reserve. We spent a whole day driving through and admiring these gigantic rock structures. Incredible indeed!

John Ford Point in Monument Valley

This picture of a man on a horse at John Ford Point is staged to allow people to take pictures. Where this shot was taken, there is a tip box, just so you can tip the man and his horse.

Lower Antelope Canyon

There's 2 canyons near Page and Lake Powell in Arizona. The other one is Upper Antelope Canyon. Usually, there's lots of tourists (like me) jostling through this very busy canyon. Great that we planned to be here in November the low season, otherwise it's almost impossible to get a picture like this. I read that Upper Antelope Canyon is busier cause it's a 2-way movement of people. This one is one-way-in, and one-way-out, so everyone moves in only one direction.

Narrow passages in Lower Antelope Canyon

You can imagine we were taking pictures non-stop at every corner and at every turn in this canyon. Cut and paste the link to see a seahorse and an Indian Chief from my Instagram album on Facebook - not sure if the link will work, though :p

Horseshoe Bend

Those of you who did geography could probably explain how this bend in the river was formed. Just looking at the depth of this river, it's probably over a million years old.

Zion National Park

This was one of my most amazing morning walk for a long time! The scene that morning as I strolled through this trail in Zion National Park was simply gorgeous all around. The light was perfect, the autumn colours amazing, (again the timing of our visit in November was excellent) and I was lost for words everywhere I look. This picture really says it all! Look up my instagram: @danieldgoh - for more amazing pics of Zion National Park that morning.

Bryce Canyon National Park

We arrive in Bryce Canyon National Park after reluctantly leaving Zion National Park. We could do with a couple more days there. Well, when we arrive in Bryce, it was already late afternoon, and we were just as amazed with this park. There were numerous lookout points throughout this park and this is one of the more incredible ones., We could have taken a hike down into this canyon, but it was late and there were still so many lookout points that we haven't covered. Bryce Canyon National Park was really something else!

Capitol Reef National Park

The drive from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef National Park was a beautiful scenic drive. We didn't catch much of it as we left Bryce pretty late in the day with still so much left to see. By the time we reach Capitol, it was night. This picture is the next day. Capitol Reef is unique in many ways, like a mixture of Zion, Bryce, and Monument Valley. The views were just as inspiring!


Sat 14 Nov
Arrival in Grand Junction, Colorado
1-nt stay in Grand Junction

Sun 15 Nov Meals: BF
Grand Junction to Moab
Arches National Park: La Sal Mountains and Delicate Arch
3-nt Moab

Mon 16 Nov Meals: BF
Arches NP: The Windows and Devil's Garden

Tue 17 Nov Meals: BF
Arches NP: Park Avenue to Courthouse Towers OR Sand, Broken, Tapestry Arches
Optional: ATV tour or Park Ranger Guided hike

Wed 18 Nov Meals: BF
Moab to Monument Valley
Monument Valley Tour
1-nt Monument Valley

Thu 19 Nov Meals: BF
Monument Valley to Page
Lower Antelope Canyon Tour, Horseshoe Bend
1-nt Page / Lake Powell

Fri 20 Nov Meals: BF
AM: Lake Powel optional tours
PM: Page to Zion National Park
Canyon Overlook Trail
3-nt Springdale

Sat 21 Nov Meals: BF
Zion NP: Angels Landing

Sun 22 Nov Meals: BF
Zion NP: Kolob Canyons

Mon 23 Nov Meals: BF
AM: Zion NP to Bryce Canyon National Park
PM: Bryce Canyon NP Lookout Points and canyon hike
2-nt Bryce Canyon City

Tue 24 Nov Meals: BF
Bryce Canyon NP: rim and canyon trail walks

Wed 25 Nov Meals: BF
AM: free morning
Before noon: Bryce Canyon NP to Torrey – scenic drive with stops
2-nt Torrey

Thu 26 Nov Meals: BF
Capitol Reef National Park

Fri 27 Nov Meals: BF
AM: Capitol Reef NP
PM: Capitol Reef NP to Grand Junction
1-nt Grand Junction

Sat 28 Nov Meals: BF
Transfer to airport, Depart for SIN via SFO

Tour Extension Available: SFO 3-nights for Yosemite National Park Tour


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