The Planet Traveller Fair and Talk Series

Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore

Marina Square Atrium (Level 2)

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Raffles Boulevard: The Planet Traveller Fair and Talk Series

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The Planet Traveller Fair and Talk Series starting at Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore**Terms and conditions apply. For more info please see below.

Join us as we partner with The Planet Traveller Fair in this speaker series meant to open up a world of awesome travel destinations. Our Travelpreneur Daniel and 3Playgrounds co-founder Lee Ling will discuss their favourite destinations.

Those who want to know how to pack for a multi-day hiking trip, come to listen and learn from another Travelpreneur Patrick during the talk.

The Planet Traveller Fair and Talk Series starting at Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore
Marina Square Atrium (Level 2)

20 April, Saturday:
3:00 pm
Daniel Goh - Adventure in the Canadian Rockies
4:00 pm
Chong Lee Ling - Destination: Africa

21 April, Sunday:
3:00 pm
Patrick Billings - Prepare For Your First Multi-Day Hike

The Planet Traveller Fair and Talk Series starting at Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore

**Items sold at The Planet Traveller Fair will be discounted up to 80%. 3PlayGrounds members who have a minimum spend of $150 nett value after fair discount, will enjoy an additional 10% discount off the nett value. Just show a screenshot of this event page, our weekly EDM (email) or 3PlayGrounds Facebook message to the cashier to get this special privilege.

Limited seats are available at the venue. Seating is on a first come first serve basis. No registration is required. 

Featured Speaker: Daniel Goh

Daniel's love for trekking has taken him all over the world - 26 countries in all - even once summiting the 6,273m high Mount Pacharmo in Nepal! A Singaporean by birth, his intrepid travels landed him close to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. It is from this base that he offers guided tours for 3PlayGrounds throughout North and South America. Daniel passion for travel and for nature is infectious and those who travel with him have the opportunity to experience his unique perspective.

What adventure awaits you in The Canadian Rockies?

At this talk, Daniel will share his own experiences exploring the magnificent Canadian Rockies, as well as discuss some of the exciting adventures that await, such as white water rafting, horseback riding, panoramic helicopter rides and glacier walks.

Featured Speaker: Chong Lee Ling

Lee Ling picked up a second-hand torn Atlas when she was 7 years old. She flipped it every day and wondered what was happening in the world and to the people. She wondered why straight lines can be drawn on the map and then called country. This curiosity of the world and the people have led her to 6 continents 54 countries and still counting. Also, she tend not to believe how mass media has portrayed the world to be a dangerous place. She thinks if so, humans would have extinct by now. After 17 years in Citibank, she decided to leave the corporate world for good and founded 3PlayGrounds with Georgina and Britta.

Featured destination: Africa

At this talk, Lee Ling will share experiences from her trips to Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. She will also talk about upcoming 3PlayGrounds trips to the African Continent and her life humbling experience from the people and animals in Africa. This was how she felt after her Africa trip "I didn't realize how backward our modern societies were till my Africa trip." Please RSVP to this event and find out why she felt the way it was. It gave her a new perspective in life and she hopes to inspire all of us to learn more about Africa.

Featured Speaker: Patrick Billings

Patrick is passionate about outdoor adventure and bringing people to the next level. Patrick is a certified sport climbing and abseiling instructor, and spends as much time in the mountains as possible. He is also a PADI scuba diving instructor. Always looking to challenge himself, Patrick is currently pursuing greater achievements in mountaineering. Hiking, camping and abseiling all over Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Patrick has a wealth of experience leading outdoor adventure trips.

Tips to Prepare For Your First Multi Day Hike

Make the jump from a single day or overnight hikes, to a true trekking experience. Multi-day hikes allow for expanded freedom of getting away longer. Whether guided treks or do-it-yourself trekking, we believe everyone can enjoy multi-day trekking, whatever your level of experience and fitness. It’s just about finding what works for you. These tips will help make the transition to becoming a multi-day trekker.