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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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To me, the picture above depicts a curiousity of something familiar, with an interest to know more.

We are all familiar with Hong Kong and would be able to describe what is Hong Kong about when asked - but there are lots more about the country that if you are curious enough, you would want to know more.

The old lady is looking at these young chefs, in their modern uniforms preparing dim sum, delicacies of centuries old origins. If you've been to Hong Kong and paid attention to what you saw, you would probably notice a lot of the new mixing with the old, each thriving alongside the other.

This unique tour of Hong Kong will open up your eyes to see it like a local, appreciate it in a different way, and come away greater for the experience.

The tour takes you to the countryside and nature trails, remote fishing villages and deserted islands, and you will come across lots of scenes of the old, co-existing with the new and modern in the city.


We will hike on the best nature trails in Hong Kong - the incredible ones with the most amazing views!

We will visit a traditonal fishing village in a remote part of Lantau island, by walking the only route that these villagers take to get home, once-upon-a-time.

We will visit a deserted island in Sai Kung, walk into an abandoned village and learn of its colonial past, Hakka traditions and see how the tides will allow us a visit to a neigbouring island.

On your free-and-easy day, optional tours can be arranged like a visit to Shenzhen, a city tour of Hong Kong, or you can tantalise your taste buds on guided food tours. The cost-free alternative is to do your own sightseeeing, or go on a trek with me to the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls - where you will visit four seemingly untouched and remote waterfalls, deep amongst the nicely canopied forested trail - where you can take a cool dip in the pools.

What this tour is about:

Join this tour if you have an interest to immerse yourself into the social, cultural, and natural environment of Hong Kong, as you learn of its past, how the old exists alongside the new, and experience the country like a local!

We get around on this tour by walking and by public transportation - the MTR, public buses, and boat/ferry. The airport transfers will be by MTR and by public bus. The use of a public transit farecard with sufficeint value for the 6 days, will be provided to you.

Accommodation for all 5-nights will be in a basic, budget hotel in the city. Rooms will be twin or triple sharing based on availability, gender configuration in our group, and on a first-come-first-served basis.

There are moderate day hikes on two days, an optional tour to Shenzhen, and lots of walking on one of the day tours.

The hikes that we will do are:
Lion's Rock Peak
Tai Long Wan (Continuation to Sharp Peak is optional)

On Day 4: Free N Easy Day, the options are:
1. Tour to Shenzhen (from S$239)
2. Varioius Food Tours (from S$52 - S$168)
3. Guided HK City tour (from $78)
4. Hike to Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls or any other hike (cost-free)
5. Explore the city on your own - eating and shopping.

Evening sunset hike to Lion Rock Peak

This is one of the best peak to get an incredible view of the city. From the top, you can see as far as Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island, and the whole of Kowloon city. I did this hike one mid afternoon in April, and began to see that the city lights were coming on close to sunset. As I did not bring a torch with me, I decide not to hang around for sunset, as it might not be safe making my way down in the dark. So on this tour, get the chance to do what I missed. We'll do a late afternoon hike to enjoy a stunning sunset, and then stay on for a brilliant city-lights view of Kowloon city. Be sure to bring your own torch or headlamp.

Tai Long Wan - beautiful coastal hike, pristine beach walks

Tai Long Wan (Tai Long Bay) is a huge bay that houses four beaches - Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan, and Tung Wan (You can see 3 of the 4 beaches in the picture). This is a beautiful coastal hike that brings you right on the beach. When I did this hike on May Day, also a public holiday in HK, there were lots of people spending their day on the beach and even camping, which is allowed on Ham Tin beach. I was very surprised when I got to Tai Wan and Tung Wan beaches. There was no one in sight on either one of the beaches and just walking on the sand made me feel like I owned this pristine, white, sandy, private beach - totally deserted! (Maybe one day I'll camp here for the night!) In the picture, Tai Wan and Tung Wan beaches are the two sandy patches you see in the distance.

Sharp Peak - steep summit challenge for amazing views

After the coastal hike of Tai Long Wan and going past the four beautiful beaches (as seen in the left of this picture) you can make an ascent of Sharp Peak. A very steep hike to get to the top, but upon reaching the peak, you'll be thrilled! From the peak, you'll be awed with amazing views of the whole coast of Tai Long Wan and the four beaches in the east, Sai Kung Country Park in the west, and Port Island and Grass Island to the north. (You can opt not to take up the challenge of the summit and enjoy your time on the beautiful beach).

Sai Kung - abandoned island, Hakka village, Sharp Island

Learn of the history of Yim Tin Tsai - the only Catholic Hakka village on an island that is now abandoned. See the fusion of west and east with a church in the midst of traditional Hakka style houses. And when the tide is low,a path appears from the shore stretching over to Kiu Tsui, or Sharp Island. We will time our visit for the tides, to make this unique walk to the island. At the end of our tour of the two islands, we go for a delicious dinner in Sai Kung - famous for their seafood! (own cost)

Tai O fishing town - romantic sunsets, traditional village by the sea

Tai O is a traditional fishing town with over a hundred years history, located on the western side of Lantau Island. It is an ideal place for watching sunset and it has a certain romantic appeal surrounding it - with a lot of traditional local stores, historic buildings and houses on stilts alongside a waterway. To get to Tai O, we will experience the long walk that the villagers of Tai O have to take ages ago, to get to their town, as walking is the only way in and out. Our 2-hour walk into this remote fishing village is a rare chance to spend a day in a rural town far removed from the urban city and modernity that we are used to. The long walk in will take us through lots of very old and different villages. During our day there, we will walk deeper into this settlement to find a secret waterfall where we could take a dip and cool ourselves off, or we can take a boat ride out to sea to look for dolphins.

Additional Info

Cost of Tour:
S$539 per person - based on a 10-person group tour.

Return airfare is S$266 on Singapore Airlines (Price on 31 May 2019)

* The value on the public transit farecard (HKD 400) is sufficient for the purposes of the 6-day tour. Therefore, top-up of farecard is not included if it runs out of value and you need to continue using it before the end of the tour. At the end of the tour, the farecard has to be returned to the organiser.


Day 1 - Thu 21 Nov
Arrival in Hong Kong by noon or early afternoon
Evening Hike to Lion Rock Peak - catch sunset and city night lights at summit.

Day 2 - Fri 22 Nov
Tai Long Wan coastal hike and beach walk
- option to continue to Sharp Peak

Day 3 - Sat 23 Nov
Sai Kung tour of islands

Day 4 - Sun 24 Nov
Free N Easy Day - the following are options:
1. Tour to Shenzhen (from S$239)
2. Various Guided Food Tours (from S$52 - S$168)
3. Guided HK City tour (from $78)
4. Hike to Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls or any other hike (no cost)
5. Explore the city on your own - eating and shopping.

Day 5 - Mon 25 Nov
Tai O fishing village tour

Day 6 - Tue 26 Nov
Return flight to SIN
*If you have a late flight and wish to do more, optional tours are available.
No cost hikes to High Junk Peak and Dragon's Back are also available.