Nature Walk @ Coney Island

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Punggol Singapore: Nature Walk @ Coney Island

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The Coney island nature park is about 50 hectares and 6.4 Km long.

The nature walk will cover a wide variety of habitats, including mangroves, casuarina woodlands, glasslands and coastal forests.

You may be able to spot different species of birds and intricate nests on Coney Island Park

There is no electricity and piped water on the Island and you are advisable to bring your own dring water.

Start point: Tebling Lane near PE4 Riviera LRT station

End Point: Eatery at Tebling Lane

Duration: 2.5 hours

Route Taken: Punggol Promenade Riverside to Serangoon Eastern Dam

                     exit via Serangoon Western Dam and back to start point at

                     Tebing Lane eatery.

Things to Bring:

a) Drinking Water

b) Rain Gear - Umbrella/Raincoat

c) Spare Tee Shirt

d) Insect repellent - optional item

e) Sun shade

In the event of rain the walk will be delayed and the route taken diverted.

Please ensure you have sufficient time to reach the meeting point.