[5D4N] Mystical and Healing Tour at Bali and Nusa Penida

Bali and Nusa Penida, Indonesia

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Are you exhausted or lost in life and want to find rejuvenation and time to reflect on your life?

Do you believe that traveling is not just about seeing local attractions and shopping but also a way to transform and become a better version of yourself?

Do you consider yourself open-minded and spiritual?

If you tick yes to any of the above, come join us for a different kind of travel – one that heals the body, mind and spirit in the magical destination of Bali and Nusa Penida, and meet individuals just like you.

This trip has been specially curated in order to visit some mystical spots, have face-to-face blessings by local shamans, and many more, not found in the typical tourist itinerary.

If you have seen the movie or read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” and was mesmerized by the story of how the heroine found herself through her travels, then perhaps this short trip would be your own alternative adventure!

Important Notes:
- The temples in Bali and Nusa Penida and visits to the shamans restrict access to ladies having their menses. Please contact us directly for advice if you wish to join the trip but expecting or unsure about your cycle. 

- Single supplement for this trip is an additional SGD$120 to be top up.

- Please bring a towel and a change of clothes (optional) for visits to Sebatu Temple, Kanto Lampo Waterfall and Pura Segara Kidul. You may choose to bring your swimsuit instead for trip to Kanto Lampo Waterfall.

- Pura Segara Kidul in Nusa Penida is hard to get to, so you need to have a certain level of fitness to climb the thousand of steps. Alternatively you can opt to stay in the vehicle and not see this temple.

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14 Sep 2019

7:05 SIN – 9:50 DPS

Scoot TR280



18 Sep 2019

19:25 DPS – 22:15 SIN

Scoot TR289


With 20kg baggage to and fro, it should come up to about SGD$300 (as at 6 May 2019)

Cleansing bath at Pura Tirta Dawa Gunung Kawi Sebatu

Get a blessing by Jero Manik, the local shaman

Visiting Balinese village followed by dinner accompanied by dance performance

Goa Giri Putri

1000 island viewpoint

Praying at Pura Dalem Ped

Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Chilling at Kintamani Hotsprings


14 Sep 2019 (Sat) – Bali

Fly in from Singapore to Bali.

We would visit Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple, locally referred to as Pura Tirta Dawa Gunung Kawi Sebatu where we would have a cleansing bath. Gunung Kawi Temple is an 11th-century temple and funerary complex and is one of Bali’s most unique archaeological sites, comprising of a collection of ancient shrine reliefs carved into the face of a rock cliff. Small stone caves that actually serve as meditation sites complement the shrines, where Buddhist monks used to sit and contemplate.

Legend goes that these are the memorials of the deified Balinese King Udayana, his concubines and family, which leads to Gunung Kawi temple being widely considered as the tomb site of the Warmadewa Dynasty.

Check in villa and rest.

15 Sep 2019 (Sun) – Bali

After breakfast, we would visit Green School, a school built entirely with bamboos, is eco-friendly, has their own recycling center and is situated in the woods. Green School was founded by John and Cynthia Hardy who "want children to cultivate physical sensibilities (and) develop spiritual awareness and emotional intuition." They had set a new paradigm for learning, educating for sustainability, through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning in a wall-less, natural environment. Their holistic student-guided approach inspires and empowers their students to be change makers.

We would meet a holy man, Jero Manik, who has energy and power to heal. By doing a cleansing at his holy abode, we rid ourselves of negative energy, open up our chakras and filled it with positive energy. You may request for specific healing for your body, business, relationships, finances, etc.

After lunch, we would visit Pyramids of Chi and experience ancient Sound Healing through the rhythm, beats and vibrations of the gongs, drums and didgeridoo in combination with the scent of the sandalwood and peaceful atmosphere. This sound healing helps reduced 'beta-wave' brain waves that dominate aroused conscious thought, and increase the intensity of 'theta-waves' within the brain, which introduces deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

Finally, we would walk around the Balinese village surrounded by rice fields and visit their local temple, watch sunset, participate in their making of offerings, understanding their culture etc. Then we shall have dinner with them at their traditional houses and accompanied by a balinese dance performance named Joged Bungbung.

16 Sep 2019 (Mon) - Nusa Penida
We would take an early boat ride into Nusa Penida after breakfast to visit some of its sacred sites – Goa Giri Putri, 1000 island viewpoint, Pura Segara Kidul and Dalem Ped.

Our first destination: Goa Giri Putri, a cave temple, is one of the major cultural attractions on Nusa Penida. The entrance to the cave is a narrow opening in the rocks. There are 6 praying spots in total and one of the unique things about this temple is that the last altar is devoted to Chinese deities.

The tour takes us to the Thousand island viewpoint - a spectacular viewpoint with panoramic views of the ocean and the various islands. This scenic point got its name due to the number of small islands and unique rock formations that can be seen in the ocean. It is a one of a kind view that can’t be missed if you’re visiting Nusa Penida.

After lunch, we would visit Pura Segara Kidul, a religious site beside the sea where the locals like to go to pray to Ratu Kidul, the goddess of the ocean. At this temple, one may also find natural springs which the locals like to go for purification baths. There is a beautiful view of the ocean but to get to this holy place, one will have to climb down thousands of steps and sometimes the way can be very steep.

We end the day of praying at Pura Dalem Ped. It is a very popular, most sought after temple among the locals. Many came here specifically to pray for prosperity and protection against illnesses, diseases and death. The temple has a mystical history and a high spiritual energy that one can even feel today if you are sensitive.

17 Sep 2019 (Tue) Nusa Penida and Bali

Visit Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach - Angel’s Billabong is a beautiful rugged natural “infinity” pool filled with multihued turquoise rockpools spilling into the wild ocean, framed by craggy limestone cliffs and Broken Beach is an equally stunning round lagoon that has eroded into the weatherbeaten shoreline connecting to the sea via a limestone arch. Expect to take the perfect instagram-worthy pictures here!

After that, we would take a boat trip back to Bali.

Visit Jero Man, a holy man with special powers to heal you. In bali, he is known as a "balian" or what you called a shaman. He is known for his power to clear "black magic". To a balinese, "black magic" is simply negative energy that blocks us and hurts us. It can be emotionally, mentally, physically or financially. Jero Man is able to use the Chinese method of cupping, massages and others to clear these "blocks" for us. He is also able to read photos of people, relieving you of doubts and suspicions.

Finally in the evening, we would get to witness the Sang Hyang Jaran Dance, a sacred dance involving a man dancing with a horse puppet on burnt coal while in a trance. The dance is meant to repel disaster afflicting the society.

18 Sep 2019 (Wed) Bali

On our final day in Bali, let’s integrate all of the experiences we have had by visiting and chilling in some waterfalls and hotsprings! The three we would be visiting are Kanto Lampo Waterfall, Tukad Cepung Waterfall and Kintamani Hotsprings

Let’s get ourselves wet at Kanto Lampo Waterfall - a picturesque waterfall with water cascading down stepped rock formation. It can be an Instagram-able moment. Discover another hidden waterfall as you follow the path of water. There will be a guide to lead you through. (It is recommended that you tip the guide at the waterfall as it is not included in the package. Recommended tips $2/person) You may also choose to remain at the main waterfall.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is mesmerizing. The circular cliffs give you the feeling of being in a cave and the sunlight falls on the glistering waterfall creating a rainbow, which feels as though it is projected right up to you.

Kintamani Hotsprings is heated deep within the earth and the healing mineral water is colorless and odorless from the source. For hundreds of years this clear carbonated water has created legends of miraculous curative powers.

After all the cleansings and healings, we would make our way to the airport and back to Singapore, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again!