Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving

Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

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Gunung Mulu National Park: Mulu National Park Show Caves ...

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A 4 day Caving Adventure ( Excluding Arrival and Departure Day ) which covers the spectacular caves of Mulu National Park , Sarawak , Malaysia . Allow yourself to be bedazzled by the sheer granduer of the second largest cave passage in the World - the Deer Cave , the beautiful formations at Lang Cave , Clearwater and Wind Cave . Take up the challenge at Clearwater Revival Intermediate Caving with its own beautiful underground river , a prerequisite for the grand finale - encountering the Sarawak Chamber , the largest underground cave chamber in the world !

Why you should go ! :

1st , Watch this Trailer on Sarawak Chamber and Mulu National Park :

We will visit 
  • Deer Cave is the second largest Cave Passage in the World ( Largest being Son Doong Cave in Vietnam ) , over 2km in length with a width and height of more than 90m !
  • Clearwater Cave is Asia's Longest Cave , and the 9th longest in the world measuring some 215.3 km in length with its own subtarrenean river !
  • Sarawak Chamber is the largest known underground cave chamber in the world by area and the second largest by volume after the Miao Room in China. It is in Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave ), in Gunung Mulu National Park . it has maximum dimensions of 700 x 400m and an estimated roof height of 115m and can fit 40 Boeing 747s in the chamber !
Explore Lang and Wind Show Caves with its beautiful rock formations .

Witness up to 12 species of 2.5 to 3.5 million bats taking flight in the evening in spectacular formations .

Stay in and Explore the pristine tropical Borneo Rainforest with its interesting flora and fauna , via Jungle walks , Night Jungle Tour , swimming in cleansing pools and rivers and waterfalls along the journey . 

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving starting at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaFishtail Palm Trees , Garden of Eden Valley Walk , Deer Cave . Photo Credit : Bernard Dupont .

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving starting at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaMain passage inside Deer Cave, showing waterfalls cascading from the ceiling over 400 feet high. Photo Credit : David Bunnell .

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving starting at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaMulu Canopy Skywalk , the world's longest tree based canopy walk 480m. Photo Credit : Bernard Dupont .

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving starting at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaHorsier Tarsier . Photo Credit : Michael Elleray.

Mulu National Park Show Caves + Sarawak Chamber Adventure Caving starting at Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, MalaysiaClearwater Cave .  Photo Credit : John Mason .

Cover Photo : Deer Cave.  Photo Credit : Eric Lanning .


DAY 1 - 16 Mar 19 Sat : Depart Singapore 0720 . Arrive Mulu 1250 . Check into Hotel .   Pm Jungle Walk / Treetop Viewing / Waterfall exploration .  Night Jungle Trek 7pm or 7.30pm . 

DAY 2 - 17 Mar 19 Sun : Garden of Eden Valley Walk , Deer Cave and Lang Cave( Show Caves )  , Bat's Observatory . 
We begin our adventure today venturing deep into the Garden of Eden Valley , an ancient enclosed valley which can only be entered via the Deer Cave . We will get muddy , so bring old clothes and good walking shoes as it will be slippery . From the Garden of Eden pool , climb , walk and swim up the Eden River to the walking trails that wind around the valley through a series of waterfalls and rock pools ideal for swimming . This secluded valley receives few visitors and is an ideal place for a picnic lunch, photography , exploring and enjoying the peace . After Exploring the Garden of Eden Valley and Deer Cave , we will explore Lang Cave and in the evening , we will view the Bat's Exodus at the observatory . Each evening between 5.30pm to 6.30pm , 2.5 to 3.5 million bats gather at the cave entrance in large ring-shaped formations , circling higher and higher up the cliff face before moving out across the rainforest in spiraling ribbons ! Twelve species of bats have been recored within Deer Cave, including the colony of Wrinkled - Lipped Bats .

DAY 3 - 18 Mar 19 Mon : Clear Water and Wind Show Caves plus Clear Water Revival Adventure Caving ( Intermediate Caving ) . Length of Adventure Caving 1.5 km . Duration 5 - 6 hours . Suitable for Inexperienced Cavers . 
Clearwater River Revival Tour will take you on a journey through the ancient underground river into areas only our most advanced cavers usually experience.
 By entering and exiting the system through the boardwalks of Clearwater Cave this tour is suitable for intermediate cavers with confidence in water and rock climbing. The adventure begins when we step off the show cave boardwalk and into the cool, clear waters that have been carving out the expansive 200km of passages in the Clearwater system for over 2 million years. Depending on the water levels we will wade, swim and climb to the far reaches of Clearwater Cave and return via the same passage. (This tour is weather dependent as high river levels prevent access into the river systems of Clearwater Cave. Headlamps provided . Prerequisites : Swimming Ability , reasonable leavel of fitness , closed in shoes , waterproof camera or drybag is necessary for this day's program . You will get wet ! 

NB : Successful Completion of the Clear Water Revival Caving is an essential prerequisite to doing the Sarawak Chamber which is an advance caving trip .

DAY 4 - 19 Mar 19 Tue : Sarawak Chamber .( Advance Caving ) 
Sarawak Chamber is a particularly challenging tour even for visitors that have good fitness and are experienced cavers. The tour takes 2 days 1 night, beginning from Park HQ, following the Summit Trail up towards the southern side of Gunung Api. The trail takes approximately three hours before reaching the mouth of Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave). Before entering the cave, the guide must assess the water levels at the cave mouth as high water levels make it unsafe. If the water levels are too high, the tour will be cancelled . Alternative tours to other Caves such as Lagang Cave or Drunken Forest can be conducted in place of the Sarawak Chamber . 

If the water level is low enough , the tour proceeds for 800m along a river channel with sheer rock faces rising to 50m on either side . Towards the end of the river , there is a traverse , and using fixed ropes of approximately 200m , we follow the traverse and proceed up a steep boulder slope to the chamber itself . The chamber is pitched at a steep angle and the floor is covered in boulders . 

After visiting the Sarawak Chamber , we will trek one hour to Camp 1. Overnight Camp 1 . Bring our own sleeping bag and food for this tour . 

DAY 5 - 20 Mar 19 Wed : 3 hours trek from Camp 1 back to Park Headquarters .  Return back to Hotel at 5pm . 

DAY 6 - 21 Mar 19 Thu : Departure for Flight Home . 
Depending on Flight Arrangements :
Depart Mulu 1015 hrs  . Arrive Singapore 1415 hrs . 
or Canopy Skywalk - World's Longest Treetop Canopy Skywalk 7am . 2 hours guided tour . ( Optional . Price not included . Rm42 per pax ) . Explore the Rainforest Trails on your own . Depart Mulu 1355 hrs . Arrive Singapore 2320 hrs

Accommodations :
For all days except Day 4 : Mulu National Park Headquarters : Deluxe garden bungalow ( one double bed and one single bed per room) on Day 1 , 2 and 5 / Standard Longhouse 2 ( 4 supersingle beds per room ) - on Day 3. All are private rooms with Aircon , Ceiling Fans and bathroom per room . 2 pax per room . 

Day 4 : Camp 1 - sheltered lodge . it is a camp with some part open - not fully shelterd and on high raised timber. Mattress is provided, but you need to bring your own mattress sheet/blanket and sleeping bag. Separate basic tent for toilet available, shower normally in the river nearby.

Suggested Flight : 

Depart : 
SIN 1015 - Miri 1215 Air Asia AK1756
Mri 1355 - Mulu 1425 . Malaysian Airlines MH3255

Return :
Mulu 1015 - Miri 1045 Malaysia Airlines MH3631
Miri 1245 - Singapore 1415 Air Asia AK1755

Estimated Price with check in luggage and standard seat selection : $330 - $340 

Important Notes :

This activity requires one to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability . 

Camp 1 provide shelter, cooking and toilet facilities. The camps have basic cooking equipment including small gas stove. Note: airlines do not permit you to carry gas cartridges, they can be purchased in Mulu Gallery. WOOD FIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED anywhere on the trail (with the exception of Camp 1 which has a fire pit). Trekkers need to take everything else (please see list of essentials). Plan your supplies and equipment carefully, keeping your backpack to minimum weight and consider whether you need a porter (maximum load for Summit porter 17 kg). Porter Fees : RM150 per porter + RM40 to cover their park entrance and camping fees .  ( a few of us can share one porter . ) 

Luggage Storage Facilities available at Park Headquarters for your big luggage , so you can pack a day pack or 2 smaller bagpacks ( one to carry yourself , the other for porter to carry ) for the sarawak chamber overnight tour . 

Own food (make sure you have enough -available in Mulu Gallery) Provide for emergency rations in case you get stuck/injured
Gas cartridges for the stoves (for sale in Mulu Gallery) ( I will organise and collate ) 
Own sleeping mat and own sleeping bag
Personal medications and toiletries
First aid kit 
Rain gear
Walking sticks (optional)
Sturdy hiking boots
anti leech socks ( there are no leeches in the caves , but there can be leeches in the jungle if it is wet ) 
dry bag 
waterproof for camera , handphone 
old clothes for wearing
long sleeve shirts and pants
swim gear 
insect repellant 

Ensure your travel insurance covers for caving and jungle trekking activities .

Please contact me : whatsapp 94779269 or drop me a message if you have any queries !