Mount Apo: Summit the highest mountain in Philippines (Confirmed)

Davao, Philippines

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Davao: Mount Apo: Summit the highest mountain in Philippi...

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Looking for fellow hikers/trekkers who wish to explore and attempt to summit Mount Apo in the Philippines. 

This is a short trip primarily focused on summiting Mount Apo (2,954m) in February which is a good season for the Philippines. 

Mount Apo (2,954m) is the highest mountain and a stratovolcano located in Davao, Philippines. It is a challenging trek with many different and exciting terrains. There are many different trails leading to the summit and back. The trail we would use is a traverse, so you can go through different terrains. We would use sta cruz - kidapawan trail. 


I am looking at 2nd or 3rd week of February after Chinese New Year. Do RSVP or indicate interest so that we can arrange a suitable dates.
Flights is either through Cebu Pacific (Direct) or SQ (Transit Manila). The timing of the flights is the best on these dates. 

I prefer the Singapore Airlines option. 

1) 14-18 Feb: Singapore Airlines (comes with luggage) - 357 SGD

2) 20th - 24th February on Cebu Pacific, $317.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wishes to challenge themselves. It is for people who also wish to do a multi-day trek with camping. If you are looking for a rewarding trek or looking to try your first multi-day trek after Mount Ophir. A lot of perseverance is and willpower is required for this trek. Fitness will help a lot, if not to maximize success, it would be good to join the training sessions. Be prepared to walk 6-8h during the trek.


Trek Cost: 350 SGD

If interested, please RSVP and I will set up a WhatsApp group and organize a pre-trip briefing session!
Whatsapp: +65 97511216

This trip is organized by Little Monsters Travel Pte Ltd.
TA Number: 03117


Cover Photo Credit: Photo from Jun Veloira


Total Duration: 5 days

Trek Duration: At least 3D2N
There is at least 1 night of camping. 

Depending on the flight timing, speed or trek itinerary, we might stay 1 night in Davao or 2 nights. This is because the first day of the trek usually starts in the early morning (1am) from Davao as we are required to travel to the start off point.