Lion Islands Hoping

St. John Island Singapore

Marina South Pier

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St. John Island Singapore: Lion Islands Hoping

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Hike and hop three islands in one day. Eat and laugh the fullest !

Lion Islands Hoping starting at St. John Island Singapore

We will take boat from Marina South Pier to St John Island and walk though the embankment to Lazarus Island. These islands named the Singapore Southern Island. Under the protection and preserved the best nature, we find much Breath taking spaces island within the red-dot.

After lunch at Kusu Island, we can take a cooling bath at the public facilities. before boarding back to main land for dinner.

Lion Islands Hoping starting at St. John Island Singapore

Lets Do it !! ~ Boat two ways trip to three islands $18 and BBQ $13 for each of us. Total $31. Please leave your mobile and email address so that we can contact you.

Please transfer $31 to my bank account.  And inform myself (96226838) or Lee Ling (91734828) once you have made the transfer.  Thanks. 

Account: 117-02762-7                                              
Bank Code: 7171                
Branch Code: 081 

BBQ HALAL foodsssss..........Chicken Satay, Spicy Otah, Chicken Wings, Sambal Stingray, Egg Sandwiches, Chicken Franks, Crab Meat Sticks, Sweet Corn, Marshmallows, Fried Bee Hoon, and Pepsi !! and some fruits !! with all the setting and cultery sets.

Lion Islands Hoping starting at St. John Island Singapore