Lets’ experience the Dark Side of Kuala Lumpur – Pangsun Rainforest and Batu Cav

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Bus Stop @ Woodlands Railway Station

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia: Lets’ experience the Dark Side of ...

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Lets’ experience the Dark Side of Kuala Lumpur – Pangsun Rainforest and Batu Cav starting at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Have you ever been on a night drive along dimly lighted roads?  Imagine riding the ATV into the darkness of rainforest.  What will you see?  Literally you can’t see much.  Night in the jungle is pitch black.


That is the thrill that few seek.  All your senses will boosted sound, touch feel, smell. Everything you hear smell and feel will be a question mark?

... “I heard something… Did you guys see that…?”…. No one else heard it….


ATV training will start 6pm and you will ride off into the darkness of Pangsun Rainforest (Hulu Langat) when the sunset.  We aim to complete the 5km to 7km ride by 12am, get some good night sleep back at our hotel around 1am.


The next day we will head to Batu Caves for adventurous caving, this cave is popular among Hindus and rock climbers.  But have you wonder what is in this mysterious caves?  I have always since I first visited this cave when I was 12 years old.  Out of bounds and dimly lighted caves has left me wondering what is in there.  To satisfy our curiosity we will need to climb, slide and of course the epic crawl. 

 Lets’ experience the Dark Side of Kuala Lumpur – Pangsun Rainforest and Batu Cav starting at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Yes this trip is more costly than the usual ATV and caving trip, as we can’t compromise on your safety (especially for night ATV) and to maximize your experience is kept to a small group of 12, this trip is possible when we have 12 people.  So this trip is meant for the 12 that dare to be out of your comfort zone, for those contemplating to be out of your comfort zone, I encourage you to, as my experience tells me I always benefit when I am out of my comfort zone.  This trip cost $303.75.


I also would like to experience Kuala Lumpur Dine in The Dark in Bukit Bintang.  Anyone who would like to try in, please let me know early.  So that we can book the restaurant for early dinner or late lunch at 4pm.  http://dininginthedarkkl.com/about-us/.  I am not even sure if they will open at 4pm for us, but if we want to, I can always request and we will try our luck.


See you on the Dark Side!!!



Day 1

0900 hrs: Meet at Woodlands and head to KL
1500 hrs: Arrive at KL, check in hotel
1530 hrs: Head for late lunch or early dinner

1700 hrs: Head to Pangsun Rainforest
1800 hrs: ATV starts
0000 hrs: ATV end

0100 hrs: overnight at hotel


Day 2
0830 hrs: Breakfast
0930 hrs: Leave Batu Cave, check out
1030 hrs: Adventure Caving Starts
1430 hrs: Adventure Caving Ends

1530 hrs: Clean up and head back to Singapore

2130 hrs: Reach Singapore


Things to bring 
1) Head Lamp
2) Outdoor Attire (long pant recommended) 
3) Shoes recommended Kg Adidas, Trekking Shoe. NO Slipper 
4) Clothes for changing 
5) Gloves
6) Insect Repellent 



1)    Return Transport from Johor Customs

2)    Transport between Activities and to hotel

3)    5 hours of ATV night ride

4)    1 night accommodation in KL

5)    Guides for ATV

6)    Helmet

7)    Adventure Caving at Batu Caves



1)    Visas

2)    Insurances

3)    Meals

Our Contact Details  
Chong Lee Ling: HP: 91734828, Email: leelingchong@yahoo.com 
Georgina Chin: HP: 96226838, Email: chin.georgina8@gmail.com