Lets’ Discover Hidden Waterfalls and Trek the Dragon Backbone

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Bus Stop @ Woodlands Railway Station

This adventure is: #on the weekend, #tastebud tickling

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia: Lets’ Discover Hidden Waterfalls and Trek the Dragon Backbone

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Who's going?

This magnificent waterfall is probably the best I've been. Watching it from the corner makes you feel like you're in heaven and going into the fall is an experience that is out of this world. An absolutely amazing place to be if you're a fan of cold refreshing water after a tough hike.
Lets’ Discover Hidden Waterfalls and Trek the Dragon Backbone starting at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The trail to this fall is tough, it's a 7-8 km hike in (total 14 km both ways) with average 30-40 degrees elevation. The main challenge of the trail is more on the river crossing than it is the elevation. Slippery rocks with water waist deep rushing water can be a little dangerous is you're not careful of your steps. Your shoes will definitely be wet if you're wearing your hiking shoes. There are at least 5-6 river crossing before getting to the first waterfall (Bomoh Ali Fall). This is a small waterfall with a nice pool to swim in, though the water is deep and the current near the fall is very very strong, so unless you're a great swimmer, it is not recommended to swim near that waterfall.
Lets’ Discover Hidden Waterfalls and Trek the Dragon Backbone starting at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The next waterfall (Berembun Fall) is about 15 minutes ahead of the Bomoh Ali Fall and you must swim to get there. Water is deep and the current is strong (though not as strong as the one at the Bomoh Ali fall), so you should not attempt unless you're a strong swimmer. I would encourage all who wants to participate in this event to at least know how to swim. It's not a "must" as you can skip the last part of the hike where swimming is required. This means you won't be able to get to the best part of the trail, but you sure can take a dip at the shallow end of the river. 

After a day of trek and waterfall, lets’ head to Kuala Lumpur for good food and some shopping.  Irene a local and foodie will show you the good food that locals dine in.

Lets’ Discover Hidden Waterfalls and Trek the Dragon Backbone starting at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
This magnificent view (credits to Chee.Hong@Flickr) is taken of a small hill located right in the center of Kuala Lumpur: Tabur. The climb up and down the hill will take about 4-5 hours depending on the speed of the group.  Bukit Tabur also known as Crystal Hill.


All this will cost us $187.80, we need 12 people to make this happen.



Day 1

0630 hrs: Meet at Woodlands and head to Gunung Nuang Entrance
1300 hrs: Arrive at Gunung Nuang and start trekking
1900 hrs: End of Trek and freshen up
1930 hrs: Head to Hotel overnight at Kuala Lumpur
2030 hrs: Dinner and Free Easy at Kuala Lumpur


Day 2
0730 hrs: Breakfast
0800 hrs: Check out, head to Tabur East, Trekking Starts 
1400 hrs: End of Trekking and freshen up
1500 hrs: Head to back to Singapore
2200 hrs: Reach Singapore


Things to bring 
1) Slippers as some parts can be muddy, for change out after the trek
2) Outdoor Attire (long pant recommended) 
3) Shoes recommended trekking shoe or amphibious shoes but NO slipper during trek
4) Clothes for changing
5) Gloves 
6) Insect Repellent
7) Walking Sticks – Do not use during Tabur East Climb as it can be hindrance during climb, only for use during Lolo waterfall trek
8) Rain cover



1)    Return Transport, with 21 people and more we will start and end our journey in Singapore. For less than 20 people we will meet near Woodlands Checkpoint and take transport from Johor Customs, for return journey regardless of participants the bus will return to Singapore.

2)    Transport between Activities and to hotel

3)    1-night accommodation

4)    Guides for both days

5)    Park Fees



1)   Visas

2)   Insurances

3)   Other meals not stated in above

Contact Details:


Contact Detail: 

Georgina Chin @ 9622 6838 or email: chin.georgina8@gmail.com or chiefs@3playgrounds.com




This adventure is: #on-the-weekend, #tastebud-tickling
What it takes to make it happen:
We'll need confirmed RSVP from
6-30 friends
We'll need confirmed RSVP from 6-30 friends

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