Let's walk into 2018 with hopes and goodness

Bay East Garden Singapore

Mountbatten MRT

This adventure is: #on the weekend, #in the neighborhood, #suitable for children

Bay East Garden Singapore: Let's walk into 2018 with hope...

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How would you like to welcome 2018? Welcome it with your friends and family or with new found friends? What about just be alone and reflect upon 2017?
Let's walk into 2018 with hopes and goodness starting at Bay East Garden Singapore
We decided to give ourselves permission to be a child again. We are going to welcome 2018 with lighted lanterns. We will assemble our own lantern, write whatever we want on the lantern, it can be 2018 wishes and what we have been grateful for in 2017.

We think it is more fun walking with someone rather than holding your own lantern. So we suggest 1 lantern for every 2 person. If you are coming alone, we suggest you approach someone alone too (don't worry about coming alone, we normally have folks that come alone)

Programme will be so:
9:30 pm: To meet, start assembling the lantern and writing on the lantern
10:15 pm: Start the walk with the lighted lanterns towards Bay East Garden, which is about 2.6km walk.   It will be a wonderful sight with lots of us.
11:45 pm: Reach Bay East Gardens
12 am: Let's all countdown to 2018
12:30 am: Catch public transport to head back home

Why did we choose to walk with a lighted lantern? Lighting lanterns is a culture many practice, Chinese around the world lights up lanterns during mid-autumn festival that symbolizes reunion and 15th day of Chinese New Year that celebrates love. Many Europeans light up lanterns on St Martin's Day to remind one to be modest and altruistic. The Hindus light up lanterns or candles on Diwali and Muslim too during Ramadan. As such we believe lighted lantern is associated with positivity by many people around the world. We believe that is how everyone would like to welcome 2018, with new hopes and goodness to our life. So join us for this meaningful event and let's walk into our best ever year.

Let's walk into 2018 with hopes and goodness starting at Bay East Garden Singapore
Let's walk into 2018 with hopes and goodness starting at Bay East Garden Singapore

Some of the lanterns we are planning to buy.

Q: Do I need to buy my lanterns?
A: You don't need to, as we will buy it. We want to be childlike so don't be surprised to see what we have got for you.  We expect to cost between $2.5 to $4 for each person.

Q: Can I come alone?
A: Yes certainly.

Q: What if I am the odd one out?
A: We will attempt to group you into a group, or you can walk with me.

Q: Must I write anything on the lantern?
A: You don't have to if you don't want to.

Q: What if I just to walk alone without a lantern?
A: You certainly can do that, but we would encourage you to mingle around.  Please inform us early that you don't want a lantern.

Q: Can I bring my own lantern?
A: Yes you can, but do let us know so that we don't cater your lantern.

Q: Will the lanterns catch fire?
A: Not it won't as we are getting battery operated lanterns.

Q: Is this a children friendly event?
A: We welcome anyone. For the adults bring along your childlike playfulness like how we used to be.

Q: Is it difficult to assemble the lantern?
A: If a child can do it, I think most adults should be able to.

Q: Is this a free event?
A: No, we expect to cost between $2.5 to $4 for each person.