Let's See The Sapa Mountains, Experience The Golden Rice Harvest and Ha Long Bay

Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

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Sa Pa: Let's See The Sapa Mountains, Experience The Golde...

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Socialize with your fellow GrabRentals drivers as we explore Vietnam during the beautiful golden-rice harvest with an Exclusive Rate for GrabRentals & Exclusive Fleet Partners Drivers: $640 per pax (UP $690) Reserve your spot for only $10 

Northern Vietnam boasts a plethora of geographical landscapes for its visitors, from the peak of Mount Fansipan - nicknamed the roof of Indochina, to the wet rice fields of Sapa, to the Love Waterfall. The trip will whisk us away from the hustle and bustle of city life to the tranquillity and simplicity of life in the countryside.

Let's See The Sapa Mountains, Experience The Golden Rice Harvest and Ha Long Bay starting at Sa Pa, Lao Cai, VietnamTerraced rice paddies near Sapa by Pedro Alonso licensed by BY CC 2.0

The highlights we will experience are:

- Ride a cable car up Mount Fansipan (the highest mountain in the Indochinese Peninsula)
- Admire a panoramic view of the Hoàng Liên Son mountains from the summit of Mount Fansipan
- Lunch and visit to Sapa town and market
- Visit with the locals during a homestay in Sapa town
- See the famous waterfall (Fall of Love) in Sapa
- A boat ride at Ha Long Bay (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Ha Long Bay on a sunny day by Disdero licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

On the peak of Mount Fansipan by Hadzunghiep licensed by CC BY-SA 3.0

Terraced rice paddies near Sapa by Pedro Alonso licensed by BY CC 2.0

On the first day, we’ll ride the cable car up along Mount Fansipan, which is situated among the Hoàng Liên Son mountains. The cable car ride also offers a bird’s-eye view of the wet rice paddies below tended by the locals. Mount Fansipan is tall enough that its peak just barely protrudes from the clouds of the Vietnamese sky. The chilly 8 degree Celsius atmosphere bites at your skin and the weather constantly threatens to rain, making windbreakers a necessity. As a reward for conquering its peak, visitors can absorb the wonderful skyline with the clouds resembling large quantities of cotton candy. We’ll feel like we're literally on cloud nine.

Autumn view of Sapa by Quoc Ky Tong licensed by BY CC 2.0

On day 2, the Sapa village stay offers a unique experience for those of us who are inherently city dwellers. The Sapa landscape is entirely made of wet rice paddies, tended to by the locals, mostly of the Hmong ethnic group. The mountainous shape of the fields contour the entire area. Walking in the fields themselves feels like stepping into a puddle over and over again, allowing the muddy water to become well acquainted with your calves and your feet. The local children seem to still retain plenty of their childlike wonder and are given complete freedom to roam the muddy fields.

Vietnamese women in traditional costume by Max Pixel licensed by BY CC 1.0

After breakfast, we’ll make our way to the San Sa Ho commune in Sapa district, where the Heaven's Gate and Love Waterfall is a popular attraction. We'll explore on foot via a dirt road. The 100m tall waterfall starts from the peak of Mount Fansipan and generates a constant noisy gush of water into the Golden Stream. From the top, the waterfall itself is flanked by moss that has thrived on the wet rocks for ages. The waterfall is surrounded by trees, creating a very serene atmosphere to the place.

Fall of Love, Sapa, Vietnam by Loi Nguyen Duc licensed by BY CC 2.0

The amazing view of Heaven's Gate

Sapa Town by trungydang licensed by BY CC 3.0

Famous for having limestone islands scattered over water, Ha Long Bay is one of Vietnam’s most alluring destinations. This area is only accessible via a boat tour, the boat will move at an idle pace which will allow us to absorb the scenery around us. Many of the islands that inhabit Ha Long Bay are hollowed out, creating caves that are tempting to explore. The next morning we will have an early breakfast before heading to the airport in Hanoi and a trip back to Singapore.

Sunset in Ha Long Bay by Andrew Crump licensed by BY CC 2.0

Ha Long Bay view

Additional Info

Fitness Level:
1) Beginners, you need not be a marathon runner just fit enough to walk uphill and downhill at a normal pace that can last 5 to 6 hours every day.

We are planning to catch the harvest of rice fields of Sapa which can be between Aug to Sep. However, we may not always see the golden rice fields as the rice will harvest depending on the weather

We need confirmation by 8 July 2019. Availability is based on first-pay-first confirmed basis.

We will advise the flight detail once the trip has achieved the min pax capacity. If the trip is not happening due to not enough pax or unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the full amount you have paid. 


Day 1
1130 hrs: Meet at Changi Airport and leave for Sapa
1525 hrs: Reach Hanoi
2100 hrs: Arrive at Sapa, overnight Sapa town

Day 2
0800 hrs: Breakfast in hotel
0900 hrs: Checkout and leave for Mt Fansipan
1030 hrs: Arrive Mt Fansipan
1330 hrs: Leave for Sapa town
1400 hrs: Lunch and visit Sapa town, market, church, or Ham Rong mountain nearby the church
1800 hrs: Dinner
1900 hrs: Pack for 1.5-day trekking, overnight Sapa town

Day 3, trekking time about 6 hours and trekking distance between 12km to 16km
0700 hrs: Breakfast in hotel
0830 hrs: Leave for trekking
1200 hrs: Lunch
1630 hrs: Reach homestay, overnight at Sapa village homestay
1800 hrs: Dinner at Sapa village homestay

Day 4, trekking time about 7km
0700 hrs: Breakfast in Sapa village homestay
0930 hrs: Leave for Sapa town from Sapa village
1230 hrs: Arrive Sapa town and lunch
1330 hrs: Leave for Love Waterfall and Heaven's Gate
1730 hrs: Reach Sapa town,
1830 hrs: Leave for Hanoi
2330 hrs: Reach Hanoi, overnight Hanoi

Day 5
0700 hrs: Breakfast
0800 hrs: depart from hotel
0930 hrs: Depart on a full day boat tour of Ha Long Bay
1730 hrs: Return to hotel
1800 hrs Dinner

Day 6
0700 hrs: Breakfast in hotel
0730 hrs: Leave for Hanoi Airport,
0830 hrs: Arrive Hanoi Airport
1040 hrs: Leave for Singapore
1425 hrs: Reach Singapore