Let's meet and share and get to know our fellow members

Crossings Cafe Waterloo Street Singapore

Crossings Cafe

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Crossings Cafe Waterloo Street Singapore: Let's meet and ...

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Come and join us every 3rd Thursday of the month for a drink or dinner at Crossings Cafe. It is our joy to enable everyone in our community to come together to mingle and know each other better and maybe find your travel buddies.  You can share with us your travel experience or really about anything under the sun. This is one of the "Chilax" things you can do in Singapore. Only relax and chill, so see you there.

Let's meet and share and get to know our fellow members starting at Crossings Cafe Waterloo Street Singapore

A word about Crossing Cafe
Crossing Cafe seeks to provide employment opportunities, personal development, and dignity for the disadvantaged so that they can have more paths in society. The is a social enterprise that serves delicious comfort food at affordable prices. Nourishing connections in the community is at the heart of our business. Thus, we channel all our profits to charitable and social causes. Please support them.