Let's go for a free session of outdoor yoga at sunset!

Civil Service Club Tessensohn Road Singapore

Civil Service Club Tessensohn Road Singapore

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Civil Service Club Tessensohn Road Singapore: Let's go fo...

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“Hiking through tropical rainforest, biking along the Kranji countryside, a morning session of tennis with a friend, getting soaked in a tropical rainshower ...I'm up for pretty much anything outdoors! ”

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"Yoga is a 5,000 year old physical and mental practice, which aims to transform both body and mind, re-discovering the sense of oneness within you, the world and nature.

June 21st is Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. The day holds special significance in many parts of the world. It also marks this year's International Day of Yoga!

Join us for a free yoga session conducted by professional yoga masters from Vyasa Yoga and G Yoga to rejuvenate your body and mind."

(Source: Vyasa Yoga, http://www.vyasasingapore.com/)

I'm cross-posting this for Serene Cho from Vyasa Yoga. If you'd like to join, RSVP here, and then email serenecho@csc.sg your name, NRIC and contact name.  

I'll be there, wearing black yoga pants and black cat shirt. 

PS: Once this location fills up, then you can still go to the other Civil Service Club locations at Changi or Bukit Batok, where they have the same event going on.