Let's Go Camping!

Selangor Malaysia

Bus Stop @ Woodland Railway Station

This adventure is: #adrenaline pumping, #on the weekend

Selangor Malaysia: Let's Go Camping!

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“Hiking through tropical rainforest, biking along the Kranji countryside, a morning session of tennis with a friend, getting soaked in a tropical rainshower ...I'm up for pretty much anything outdoors! ”

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Hike up the river and pitch your tent right by the waterfall! The next day embark on a day of adrenaline-pumping abseiling down the waterfall.

Here’s the plan: On Saturday early morning we will hop on our bus to Gombak, north of Kuala Lumpur. After a brief hike through the jungle we’ll have picnic up at Sofea Jane waterfall and then head on to Pisang waterfall.

Our journey on foot will lead us through streams up to knee height, over rocks and muddy banks. Once we reach the waterfall, we will pitch our tents, light up a bonfire, and prepare our camping dinner together.

We will sit around the bonfire, tell each other stories, sing songs, or just chill, while listening to the sound of the water coming down the fall.

The next morning after breakfast we will be briefed on abseiling and then abseil down the waterfall!

We’ll have a BBQ right by the fall before we hop on the bus back to Singapore.

It will cost us $185 and we need 12 people to make this trip happen. If we are more than 24, the price will reduce to $175. It includes the following:

1) All transport starting from JB

2) Tent equipment rental and abseiling equipment rental

3) Safety crew, abseiling instructor, trekking guides

4) Afternoon picnic and dinner on day 1, breakfast and BBQ lunch on day 2 


1)  Visa

2)  Insurance


1) You DON’T need your own tent, camping experience, or any special equipment. You DO need to be willing to hike for a couple of hours over rocks and through knee-deep rivers.

2) There are no facilities at the waterfall, so nature’s duties will be carried out in the woods :)

3) Pack your backpack such that there is space to carry a couple of food items for the group. We’ll distribute some items before the hike begins.