Let's clean Wildboar beach together!

Tanjung Balau, Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia

Changi Ferry Terminal

This adventure is: #for a good cause, #scenic, #free

Tanjung Balau: Let's clean Wildboar beach together!

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“Surfing classes (for Decathlon and others), swimming lessons, standup paddle boarding, ...”

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Where the heck is Wild Boar Beach?
Wild Boar Beach is a beautiful beach in Johor:  "Wild boar beach is my personal favourite surf spot to surf in because of the nice waves and quiet surroundings. Locals name it Wild Boar Beach as wild boars can be found in the area. It is a hidden beach break located near Tanjung Balau Beach.  A local fishing village can be seen along the way and the surf spot is surrounded by nature. It is not an easy place to access as it is a hidden area, guidance from locals will be needed to get to the spot.  There are no shops around Wild Boar Beach, not even bathrooms, surfers have to prepare their own food and water supply for a long day of surf."
Source: Travelista.club

What will we do? 
Our main aim is to clean up Wildboar Bay. We are all consuming plastic every day, and some of it lands in the ocean or on beautiful beaches like Wild Boar Bay. Lets come together and give a helping hand. Also, it will be a day for us to come to interact, share experience and enjoi another day at the beach. 

What special things will happen?
All sorts of surf community focused stuff, come as a pro, or as a bloody beginner, just bring an open mind.

- Surf Classes
- Bring your use surfboard if u have it for sale.
- Board Swap
- Bring your product and sell it thru the boot of your car Example cakes, surfboard accessories, clothing or whatever ...
- Surf Expression Session.
- Custom Bike Beach Race

What's the cost?
This is a FREE event for a good cause. But you have to buy the ferry ticket yourself. 

Where do we meet?
We'll pick you up from Tanjung Belungkor ferry terminal in Johor.
You have to buy the ferry ticket yourself. The ferry departs from Changi ferry terminal. I will share which ticket to buy with the group soon. 

I will go by myself, but the more turn up the merrier. So please Share!!! ...Thanx all..C u at the surf!

Let's clean Wildboar beach together! starting at Tanjung Balau, Kota Tinggi, Johor, MalaysiaGraphiXX by BLINK