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Tokyo: JAPAN Winter Mountains, Onsen WITH Snow Monkeys, R...

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“hey, it's nicole! I'm a full time Photographer, avid Animal Lover & relentless Adventure Seeker - I love being out in Nature, in the middle of some Mountain, lounging by the Sea - as well as helping my fellow Travelers snap a ton of great pictures! no idea Where to go, What to do, or Who to jio to Travel with over your Long Weekend Holidays? no problem! join our @SGAdventureKakis travel family on an Adventurous, exciting trip & make new friends! over the past 2 years, nicole has planned and executed over 10 Trips, and is one of threeplaygrounds most active, friendly and well loved Trip Organisers! got a question? whatsapp nicole @ +65 9184 0209, she's in charge of answering your queries, helping you sign up & prepare for the Trip, as well as taking care of you & the group during the Trip! are you ready to join the @SGAdventureKakis family? xD”

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Experience Winter in Japan with us @SGAdventureKakis, visit Tokyo must sees and go BEYOND into the Mountains! Enjoy some time in Nature, trekking through Snowy Forests,the underrated experience of taking off your winter clothing and going for a Hot Spring Onsen amongst surroundings of Winter Snow..

Not to mention, with a bit of luck, you might even get to bathe WITH Japan's world famous Snow Monkeys, whilst most tourists only watch! Dates (TBC): Sat 25 Jan - Fri 31 Jan 2020. Making use of Chinese New Year holiday. Leave Required: 4 Days for 7 Days Trip.

Organised by: nicole aka Nikkiko - @SGAdventureKakis

Contact nicole: https://wa.me/6591840209 (click this link to send nicole a whatsapp message, number is 9184 0209) 

* Organiser reserves the right to amend Trip Price according to Operator Updates. Please Contact nicole to verify if there are any Updates in Pricing.

the original Snow Monkey Onsen - onsen WITH Snow Monkeys!

Experience an authentic Japanese hot spring Onsen, in the cold of Winter! hidden just beside the commercial Snow Monkey Park is a highly underrated old Japanese Ryokan Onsen, where one can get into the Onsen with Snow Monkeys too! it's actually very enjoyable to Onsen in Winter, as our body absorbs the heat from the Onsen, whilst the Cold winter breeze helps to cool us down - allowing one to stay in an Onsen longer than in warmer weather.

1N Rustic Traditional Japanese Ryokan Stay with Multicourse Dinner & Breakfast

Spend a night in Japanese Tatamis in a rustic over 100 year old Traditional Japanese Ryokan in the middle of the Snowy Forest, passed down through generations of a local Japanese family. Included is a sumptuous multi course Japanese Dinner and Breakfast. You might also wake up to Snow Monkeys running about whilst brushing your teeth in the morning!

dress in Japanese Yukata whilst enjoying traditional Japanese meals

Yukata is a light, summer version of a Kimono. makes for great holiday photos whilst trying some traditional Japanese food!

Trek through the Snowy Jigokudani "Hell Valley" Forest

Trek through the picturesque snowy, slippery, uphill Jigokudani "Hell Valley" forest. It takes about 45mins one way. Average fitness sufficient. It's advisable to buy Shoe Snow Spikes from Decathlon. Expect some uphills. We will then stay in the middle of the Forest at a Japanese Ryokan for 1N. And trek back out the next day (45mins).

Traditional to Metropolitan Tokyo : Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku

Time Travel with a local Japanese guide from Olden Day Tokyo to its current state as a Bustling Metropolitan City. We'll visit Tokyo's oldest Temple, Sensoji, in the Asakusa District - the bustling modern City shopping areas, Shibuya & Shinjuku - as well as the popular culture, cosplay street Harajuku.

Robot Restaurant Modern Cabaret Show

Watch Japan's next generation redefine Creativity and blow your minds in this Robot Restaurant Modern Cabaret Show. Full of multicoloured Robots, Costumes, Props, Pop Culture Icons / Adaptations and modern takes on traditional Japanese music (drums) & Martial Arts. It is truly amazing to experience Japan, seeing the contrast between its most traditional Temples to its most modern performances.

Tokyo Foodie Tour with Local Japanese Guide

From the well loved Katsu Cutlet, Gyoza Dumplings & Fresh Sushi.. to Takoyaki, BBQ Yakitori & Bubble Tea - to the more traditional Satsuma-age Fried Fishcakes, Taiyaki Fish Shaped Sweet Bean Pancakes. Prepare yourself for 3hrs of om nom nom -ing! Let's not forget some Beer & Sake! 10 Food Tastings (shared) included!

Have an Eki Bento Box whilst traveling on the high speed Shinkansen train

Part of Japanese Culture is to have an Eki Bento Box whilst riding the Shinkansen train. Be spoilt for choice by the variety of Bentos, and be impressed by the ingenuity of the Japanese, in what is essentially simply.. a take away / "ta pao" meal! Just the packagings can be pretty interesting to look at too!

Shibuya Crossing & Shopping

Absorb the vibrant Energy of one of Tokyo's most hustling and bustling, modern streets. Pick up some extra Winter wear, or a fashionable, memorable statement piece of clothing or two!

Heartwarming Hachiko Statue

Unveiled in 1934, this heartwarming Hachiko bronze statue was put up in honour of Hachiko, the Japanese Akita Dog, affectionately remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, Mr Ueno. Hachiko would see Mr Ueno off to work in the morning and pick him up when he returned in the afternoon at the Shibuya station. In 1925, Mr Ueno had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at work. However, Hachiko continued to go to Shibuya station every day, nine years after Mr Ueno's death.

Izakaya Night Life Streets

The Japanese work hard and play hard! The Izakaya drinking streets are a common place where Japanese businessmen kick back, relax, drink and smoke after a long day at work, as well as enjoy some BBQ Chicken Yakitori Skewers. Soak in the quaint ambiance of Tokyo's night scene with some beer and yakitori alongside them.

Harajuku, Pop Culture, Cosplay Street

Known as Tokyo's youth, pop culture, cosplay street, Harajuku is full of cute, unique Cafes, delicious crepes / pancakes, and quirky, wacky Cosplay costumes. Great place to pick up a few quirky gifts and satisfy sweet tooths.

Intricate Modern Architecture @ Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

You will see many different buildings / architecture during this trip. One does not need to be an architecture buff to appreciate the fascinating contrast between Tokyo's traditional temples and intricate modern built shopping centres.

Seek the Key to Paradise @ Zenkoji Underground Tunnel

Underneath the Nagano Temple Zenkoji, runs a 45m pitch black underground tunnel said to contain the Key to Paradise. Find your way through the dark, (you won't even be able to see your own hands even if you waved them in front of your face!), keep your right hand on the wall to the right at hip level, and seek for the Key to Paradise, (it feels like an iron, round door handle!). It is said that if you find and touch the Key, you will be blessed with enlightenment and salvation and promised a place in Buddhist heaven.

Nishi No Mon Sake Brewery

Dating back over 300 years, visit Nishi No Mon, Sake Brewery - where some ancient as well as modern Sake brewing equipment is displayed, along with old photographs documenting the history of the brewery, try some Sake / Japanese Rice Wine, and buy some home if you would like.

Nezu Shrine, mini Red Torii Gate "Fushimi Inari" look a like in Tokyo

"Torii", literally translated as "Bird Abode / Home" is a traditional Japanese gate most commonly found at the entrance of or within a Shinto shrine, where it marks the transition from ordinary to Sacred. Each Torri gate are often donated by individuals successful in business as gratitude, each bearing the donor's name. Whilst no match for Kyoto's famed "Fushimi Inari", Nezu Shrine is a quaint mini look a like to visit whilst in Tokyo.

Akihabara - the Anime, Manga, Otaku Heaven

Whilst Harajuku is full of loud, cosplay inspired, gothic / lolita costumes and alternative fashion primarily popular amongst Japanese girls - Akihabara is the haven for all Japanese Anime (animated series), Manga (comic books), and Otakus (fervent fans of anime / manga). On top of shops selling Manga comic books, you will find shops full of countless Figurines, video games, card games, gachapon machines, claw machines, etc.

Get served by Cute, Dainty Maids @ a Maid Cafe + People Watch

Japanese Cosplay Culture is all about "getting in Character". Even if you're not familiar with any Japanese Anime / Manga Characters, a cool way to experience Cosplay culture is to visit a Maid Cafe, where young Japanese girls dress up as cute, dainty maids to serve you in adorable enthusiasm. It's equally interesting to People Watch fellow guest reactions in the Cafe!

Air Ticket price as of 4 Dec 2019

600 sgd, 1 stop, without check in luggage. copy / paste below link to check current price on skyscanner: https://www.skyscanner.com.sg/transport/flights/sins/tyoa/200125/200131/?adultsv2=1&childrenv2=&cabinclass=economy&rtn=1&preferdirects=false&outboundaltsenabled=false&inboundaltsenabled=false&qp_prevProvider=ins_month&qp_prevCurrency=SGD&qp_prevPrice=526&priceSourceId=taps-taps&priceTrace=201911290223*I*SIN*NRT*20200125*vysg*PR%7C201911290223*I*NRT*SIN*20200131*vysg*PR#/details/16292-2001252035--31768,-31461-1-14788-2001260800%7C14788-2001310935--31757-1-16292-2001312000

Additional Info

Organised by: nicole aka Nikkiko - @SGAdventureKakis

Contact nicole: WhatsApp message +65 9184 0209

https://wa.me/6591840209 (copy/paste this link in your browser to send nicole a whatsapp message)

Dates (TBC): Sat 25 Jan - Fri 31 Jan 2020. 4 Days Leave for 7 Days Trip.

* Organiser reserves the right to amend Trip Price according to Operator Updates. Please Contact nicole to verify if there are any Updates in Pricing.



Rough Overview subject to Change

D1 - Sat 25 Jan - 8.30pm Fly SG > Tokyo, Report Changi 06.30pm

D2 - Sun 26 Jan - Arrive Tokyo Half Day,
Traditional Tokyo Tour + Robot Restaurant, Night 2 (Tky)

D3 - Mon 27 Jan - Tokyo Full Day,
Modern Tokyo Tour + Foodie Tour, Night 3 (Tky)

D4 - Tue 28 Jan - Shinkansen Train to Nagano, Express Bus
+ 45min Trek to Snow Monkey Ryokan + Onsen, Night 4 (Ryokan)

D5 - Wed 29 Jan - Official Snow Monkey Park,
Express Bus to Nagano + Zenkoji Temple + Try Soba, Night 5 (Nagano)

D6 - Thu 30 Jan - Shinkansen Return to Tokyo,
Akihabara, Maid Cafe, Izakaya, Night 6 (Tky)

D7 - Fri 31 Jan - 9.30am Fly Tokyo > SG, Report NRT 07.30am