Iceland Oct 2019 - Autumn Colours, Northern Lights


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Iceland: Iceland Oct 2019 - Autumn Colours, Northern Lights

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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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So I got quite a few people asking about Iceland for this year. Let's see if we can fill this tour up.
We need minimum of 5 persons and only a maximum of 7. Not a lot of spots for this tour so please register your interest early by whatsapping me (read on to see my contact below. I will be tracking responses on first-come-first serve basis in case we go over the maximun 7 persons to form the group)

October is the off season in Iceland so there will be less crowds . It will mean it's easier to have your pictures taken, there'll be easier travel on roads, and on the whole, quieter everywhere. Winter hasn't arrive yet, so it's not too cold, but be prepared for cold winds and rain, and possibly, snow somteimes. However, it has been said that in Iceland, you can expect all four seasons in one day, and it is more so during autumn. So expect to get some warm and bright days during our tour. Autumn will be awesome in Iceland when the autumn colours add to the colourful hues that you'll see throughout Iceland from the mossy greens, the warm reds and browns, and cool greys and greens on rock faces and canyons, turquiose waters, and white glaciers, black sandy beaches, and cool blues in glacier lagoons. Add the occasional snow that may fall on these colours, you'll be in for a visual treat on this tour!

We might have a chance to catch the Northern Lights too!

So while I worked on finalising the number of days that is best to do this Iceland tour in October, possibly 9 days, I am also considering adding a shorter biking tour in Copenhagen, the Bike Capital of the World, before we do Iceland. This could be 6 days. A shorter 1-day stopover in Helsinki may also be added after Iceland. These three cities, Copenhagen (Denmark), Reyjavik (Iceland), and Helsinki (Finland), have been considered as a great joint tour as the return airfare connecting the stops in these three cities amounts to around S$1,200. Return airfare to Iceland by itself is about S$1,000.

Estimated Cost of Tour
9 Days Iceland - S$3,290 estimated for group of 7pax
16 Days: Copenhagen (6days), Iceland (9days), Helsinki (1day) - S$5,290 estimated for group of 7pax

Airfare: about S$1,000

We are less than 5 months away from October so there's only so much time left to get the best prices and keep the costs of the tour affordable for you. The estimated price is what I think we can arrive at if we can get the 7 persons soon enough to go ahead with the tour. It may be lower if we act fast!

Please register your interest as soon as possible so we can get a discussion going, answer your questions, sort out what we can possbily do as a group, and make this tour happen.

Please leave your contact number when you RSVP  on this event so that I can contact you and add you on the whatsapp group
Better still, start chatting with me at +6598872168
Let's Go!


One of the few stunning waterfalls not to be missed in Iceland! Seize the chance to take a walk up close and behind the waterfall


Another one of the few easy to access waterfalls just off the highway. Surely, worth the thrill of getting splashed visiting this spectacular waterfall.

Vatnajokull National Park

The national park has the largest glacier in Iceland!


This waterfall has a story behind it that a woman and her two children lived on a nearby farm. The woman went for a church service leaving the two children at home. On her return, the children were missing. The people searched everywhere for them and soon found footsteps leading up a stone arch that crosses the river. The mother was so devastated she destroyed the stone arch so that no children could ever cross the falls again. Barnafoss means "children's waterfalls" Nearby Barnafoss there's another equally stunning waterfall - Hraunfossar which means "lava waterfalls". These two falls are what you might call an off-the-beaten track hidden gems. Definitely a must-see!


Martian-like terrain in North Ireland. Not much to say about this, except: "go-see lah! see oredy then you know".

Volcanic craters

One of the many volcanic craters you may come across in Iceland.on your drive through its spectacularly unique landscapes. (Notice the road that runs so close to such stunning scenery)


translates, "God of the Waterfalls". What more is there to say.


Black sand beach.


"Golden Waterfall"

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

One of the more stunning sights you see on this tour is this glacier lagoon. Floating icebergs dots the still blue waters of this lagoon filled by the surrounding glaciers of the larger Vatnajokull glacier. The glacier lagoon flows out into the Atlantic leaving chunks of ice on the black sand beach - creating another interesting sight in the area called Diamond Beach (see next highlight)

Diamond Beach

waaahh! So niiiiiice!

Additional Info

If you prefer not to stay in a guesthouse with shared bathroom, you can upgrade your accommodation to twin-sharing room or single room if it is available.


The itinerary will be posted once we have enough interest to form a group of 5 persons and have some preliminary discussions,

All the pictures in the highlights will be covered during this sightseeing tour - so that will give you an idea of what we will see and where we will go.