How Fit Are You, Really?

Big Splash, East Coast Park

Big Splash, East Coast Park

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Big Splash: How Fit Are You, Really?

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(This event is organised by Team Novo in conjunction with the celebrations of Singapore National Day. Hence, your information will be given to Team Novo for the purpose of registration for this fitness event)

How Fit Are You, Really?

Ever wondered how fit you really are? You might run or lift weights, but does that mean you’re fit? Here’s your chance to find out how you stack in your age group in Singapore!  We are organizing a free outdoor Fitness Challenge on July 30th at East Coast Park in collaboration with the Singaporean Sports Council and Eu Yan Sang. The event is designed for individuals and families – kids, parents and grandparents.

How Fit Are You, Really?  starting at Big Splash, East Coast Park

Here’s how it works. Participants have to go through several stations, consisting of:

  • Health: Body Fat test to check your body fat %
  • Strength: Push up challenge. How many push-ups can you do in 60 seconds
  • Endurance: Jump rope. How many times can you jump rope in 60 seconds
  • Balance: Walk the plank to test your balance
  • Fun:  Hula hoops Challenge. Can you keep the hula hoop on for 60 seconds?
  • Walk:  2.5 kilometer walk along the coast at East Coast Park


Eu Yan Sang will be offering exclusive prizes, including gift vouchers and Pure Cordyceps worth $100+ in shops. Prizes will be given to the healthiest individuals in their respective age groups, and families. We have limited spots available so please register soon and get a free T-shirt and goodie bag. Please quickly RSVP and message us (the host) with the below information for registration.

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Your family members: If you are bringing them for the event? Please list their name, age and email address. Alternatively, your family members who are 18 years old and above can register directly with 3PlayGrounds to participate the event.