Hiking Step Up!- Mount Ophir/Gunung Ledang: Lagenda Trail to Summit

Gunung Ledang, Johor, Malaysia

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Gunung Ledang: Hiking Step Up!- Mount Ophir/Gunung Ledang...

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This is a good step-up hike for those who are looking to progress to tougher hikes after Gunung Datuk or are training or preparing for Kinabalu/Nepal etc.

Gunung Ledang, or commonly known as Mount Ophir (1,276m) is the highest mountain in Johor and almost the most climbed mountain there.

*Update: I just got the latest prices from the national park, the prices for the park are almost 3 times of what it was last time. I will try to keep my prices reasonable*

Who is this for?

It serves as a good training or progressive hike for those who wish to do more hiking. Most do it as training for other treks, like Kinabalu, or Nepal.

How tough is it/How fit do I have to be?

It is twice as long as Gunung Datuk. The trek is around 4-5h up and 3-4h down, making it a total of 9h. The total elevation is around 1,000m up and down. It can be quite tiring on your legs.

It is generally tropical forest trail, with some rope portions, ladders and rock faces. It can be quite fun to go through the different terrain with the need to use your hands at some points.

However, if you have done Gunung Datuk before, the terrain is not that much of a surprise. The tough part is only the duration.

This is good for people who have some level of fitness or experience.

What happens if I am slow?

There is a 1 guide to 7 hikers ratio. For example, if we have 16 pax, we will have 3 guides + me to manage a group of 15 pax. It should be more than enough. There is also a cut-off timing to the summit.

How many pax?

I am looking at a size of 10 - 24 pax max. Minimum 10 to start the trip! A good number is 14. 

Once confirmed, a Whatsapp group/info-session will be set up.

Price: 150SGD

*Price is due to massive increase in park entrance fees/guide fees for Mount Ophir*

Price includes:
2-ways Transport
Mountain Guide
All associated Park Permits/ Fees
Mountain Insurance
Trip Leader

Price excludes:
All Personal expenses/Meals
Visa Application (if any)

This event is organized by
Travel Agent Licence No: 03117
Contact: Whatsapp +6587792642

Some additional questions:

1) How long is the ride to Mount Ophir

A: It takes only around 3-4h from Singapore

2) The journey to Ophir only takes 3 hours, why do we set off so early?

A: This is so that we can save money on accommodation/driver cost/taxi to MRT station. This also means there is a lack of sleep, so try to sleep in the vehicle! Bring a travel pillow!

3) Are there shower or toilet facilities at the park?

A: Yes there are but basic. You can wash up at the nearby stream also. Please bring a change of clothes and shower when you are down from Ophir. No smelly people in the vehicle!

4) What do I have to look out for?

A: There are mosquitoes and leeches abound =)

5) Could we have dinner in Malacca?

A: It is too far away. By the time we end at 5pm, it will be best to have dinner along the way at Tangkak or JB (if we have time)

Photo Credit: Johornationalparks.gov.my


23rd February (Saturday)
1.00 am : Meet @ Marsiling MRT
1.30 – 4am : Transport to Gunung Ledang via Tangkak
5.00 am : Breakfast at Tangkak
6.30am : Tangkak – Gunung Ledang National Park
7.00 am : Arrival @ National Park counter – Registration & Tagging items (checking in) u
8.00 am : Start climbing to the top
12.00 pm : Arrive at the peak (safety time at the peak until 2.00 pm)
1.00 pm : Descend back to the base
4.30 pm : Arrive at the park, clear the items and wash up.
5.00 pm : Leave.
5.00 pm – 8.30pm : Dinner at Tangkak and head to Singapore/Dinner at JB