{Hiking Series} Mount Raung (3,332m): For the adventurous/experienced! (5D4N)

Gunung Raung, Area Hutan, Gunosari, Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia

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Gunung Raung: {Hiking Series} Mount Raung (3,332m): For t...

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Looking for fellow hikers/trekkers who wish to challenge themselves on Mount Raung (3,332m) in Indonesia!

Mount Raung is one of the more "extreme" and exciting trails in Indonesia. It is known as the one with the ridgeline trek, requires the usage of ropes for safety and water conservation because there is no water supply along the trek.

It is also one of the most active volcano in Indonesia, with the largest crater in Java at over 2km in diameter. Being one of the more remote and least climbed 3k peak in Indonesia, there isn't much litter and the trails are not so commercial.

Embarking on an expedition to Mt. Raung can a pretty epic and unforgettable experience!

Mount Raung have four peaks is Bendera Peak, 17 Peak, Tusukgigi Peak and The One Sejati Peak (3,344 masl).

We are taking the route via Kalibaru to “Puncak Sejati” the highest peak of Mount Raung. This trip can be combined with a trip to Ijen, we could extend 1 more day to explore Ijen.


What to expect?

For Raung, you need to have strong stamina as we will be going to camp 7 on the 1st day. Also, you will need to be confident of walking ridge-lines and rocky terrains, and having to deal with some minor portions with ropes and rappelling.

It is not totally technical, except for some portions.


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wishes to challenge themselves after doing the main mountains in the region yet not going to higher altitudes. This is not for beginners, as some prior hiking experience is required and an adventurous spirit. Good fitness is required to maximize success.

Be prepared to walk 10+ hours per day.

Total Duration: 5 days
Trek Duration: 3D2N
Dates: 10 July - 14th July

Flight timings:
08:15 Singapore - 09:35 Surabaya
10:15 Surabaya - 13:30 Singapore
Flight cost: ~150 SGD based on Scoot Pricing

Trek Cost: 600 SGD per pax

If interested, please RSVP and I will set up a WhatsApp group and organize a pre-trip briefing session!

Whatsapp: +65 87792642
Email: info@littlemonsterstravel.com
This trip is organized by Little Monsters Travel Pte Ltd.
TA Number: 03117 


Day 1 : SG - Surabaya - Kalibaru (8hours drive)
Day 2: Kalibaru - Basecamp - Shelter 4 (1,855m) - Shelter 7 (2,541m) (10h hike)
Day 3 : Summit Attack - Shelter 7 (2,541m) Sejati Peak (3,344m) - Shelter 7 (8h hike)
Day 4 : Camp 7 - Kalibaru - Surabaya (5 hours hike + 8h drive)
Day 5 : Surabaya - Singapore

**The Itinerary can be extended to include Ijen. Do let me know if anyone wish to do Ijen