{Hiking Series} Malaysia - Mount Datuk+ Malacca food for First-timers/Beginners

Gunung Datuk Recreation Forest, Kota, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Marsiling MRT

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Gunung Datuk Recreation Forest: {Hiking Series} Malaysia ...

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Mount Datuk (885m) is an extremely popular 1-day beginner hike located in Malaysia, about an hour away from Malacca. It is a good starting hike and introduction to trekking for beginners or first-timers. 

I hope to bring mostly beginners or first-timers on this trek, so the pace is slower. The trek might be attempted in the dark to see sunrise depending on the group!

The hike takes an average of 2.5h up and 2.5h down. It is not too long, yet challenging and strenuous enough for a half-day hike. There are some very steep parts and the trek requires using your hands. Additionally, there are minor rope sections and ladders near the summit. This trek can be challenging for beginners so be prepared for a fun adventurous experience.

At the summit, there is a nice view of the surroundings and we can take a break on the rocks and enjoy the wind before descending! After that, the plan is to hunt for some good food in Malacca! If we end earlier, there will be more time for free and easy along Jonker street.

Of course within the group, there will be people of various speeds. Those faster can have more time at the summit and wash up first.

The intention of the trip is to introduce newbies who haven't tried trekking before so please be patient and welcoming! It is important to be open-minded and sporting enough to embrace challenges! There are mosquitoes and leeches abound =)

To confirm, do RSVP. It is only confirmed once payment is made. A Whatsapp group/info-session will be set up. A minimum of 8 pax is needed for this trip to go ahead.

Here is the itinerary

12.00am – Meet Marsiling MRT, depart for Datuk
4.00am – Stop by for breakfast
5.00am – Start trek at with headlights
7.30am – Summit
11.00am- Reach back and wash up
1.00pm – Head to Malacca for food
4.00pm – Depart back to Singapore
8-9pm – Reach back Marsiling MRT

Price: 85SGD

Price includes:
2-ways Transport
Entrance Fees
Shower/Toilet facilities

Price excludes:
All Personal expenses/Meals
Visa Application (if any)

This event is organized by
Travel Agent Licence No: 03117
Contact : +6597511216
Email: info@littlemonsterstravel.com

Some additional questions:

1) How long is the ride to Mount Datuk

A: It takes only around 3-4h from Singapore - Datuk/Malacca.

2) The journey to Datuk only takes 3 hours, why do we set off so early?

A: This is so that we can save money on accommodation/driver cost/taxi to MRT station. This also means there is a lack of sleep, so try to sleep in the vehicle! Bring a travel pillow!

3) Are there shower or toilet facilities at the park?

A: Very basic shower and toilet facilities. Please bring a change of clothes and shower when you are down from Datuk. No smelly people in the vehicle!

4) Do I get to see the sunrise at the top?

A: Maybe. Depends on how comfortable everyone is with walking with headlights.

5) I am totally new to hiking, what should I bring/wear? Is there training?

A: I will set up a WhatsApp group to help prepare everybody and guide you on the packing list! I will arrange for a pre-trip training and briefing too.

6) How fit do I have to be? I am afraid of being the slowest/burden to the group.

A: You would need basic endurance and be open-minded, embrace the challenge of using your hands and going up and down rocks or steep terrain. Many people have done Datuk, of various fitness, the group will move at a slower pace to help build that confidence.

7) Could we have dinner in Malacca?

A: Depends! Ideally, we wish to reach back Singapore by 11 pm so everyone can take the MRT back.

8) What happens if it rains!

A: If it is a light drizzle, we would continue. If it is a heavy storm, it would just be a Malacca food trip then!