Hiking Basics: A Beginner's Guide to Layering and What To Pack

Orchard Link, Scape, Singapore

Scape Hubquarters Level 4 Energize Meeting Room

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Hey all!

Update: I didn't expect such a response to the workshop.

Please do note the meeting room has limited seats, so first come first serve for the seats. We should have 60+ seats. As for the rest, there is a possibility of standing. The space is for 60-80 pax

If you are waitlisted, you could still come but its gonna be crowded. So for those who RSVP, please do turn up!

I often get questions on what is layering and what to bring for a hiking trip.

Hiking terminology can be quite complicated and confusing when reading it all online.

So I decided to come up with a free workshop to address these questions.

This will be extremely useful if you are a first-timer hiker; one who is looking to hike Nepal or higher mountains (above 2,000m) for the first time!

This workshop is not to teach you to buy all the expensive hiking gear, but to help you understand the different terms used for hiking gears, what is essential and the ways to get around it on a budget.

The session should take around an hour to 1.5h. Various props and equipment (my own personal ones) will be brought to serve as examples.

So join us, invite your friends for this free session to cut through all the complicated hiking lingo.

Location: Scape Level 4 - Hubquarters Energize Room. Turn left and left upon reaching level 4 from the escalator. It is near the toilets/vending machine. Enter the Hubquarters (if the door is open, if not message me) and the Energize room is on the left. Contact me at +6597511216 for any questions!  

These are the topics I intend to cover.

Hiking Basics:

Layering System:
What is the Layering System?
How to Layer
Windproof/Rainproof Jacket - Hardshell vs Softshell
Down Jacket - How much fill? Synthetic vs Natural
Fleece - Difference between Down and Fleece
Base Layer - What is it?
Hiking Pants - Type of hiking pants and it's uses
Socks - What type of socks
Gaiters - What is it? Is it necessary?
Shoes - What kind of cuts and types of hiking shoes
Gloves - Types of gloves (Inner layer, outer layer)
The myth of layering with cotton shirts/t-shirts

Headgears - Buffs/Beanies/Hats
Headlight vs Torchlight
The need for sunglasses
Hiking Sticks

How to decide:
Sizing for the layers/shoes
Different type of hiking trips - What to bring, how many sets?
Type of materials - Does the material matter? Cotton vs. heat tec vs. dry fit vs. merino wool
What if I have no money for all these equipment?
Which is essential?

If you have any other questions you wished for me to address, feel free to send me a message first!