Hearty Cooking @ Enabling Village

20 Lengkok Bahru Singapore

Enabling Village

This adventure is: #on the weekend, #tastebud tickling, #for a good cause

20 Lengkok Bahru Singapore: Hearty Cooking @ Enabling Vil...

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Have you ever seen a Visually Impaired Chef before? Using a recipe passed down by her mother, your chef will demonstrate and guide you to cook a dish she loves most.
Learn from her the knicks and knacks of whipping up a delicious Assam Fish, a classic Malay dish that is sour and tastes extraordinarly satisying.
After cooking, enjoy a communal meal and have a hearty conversation.

Hearty Cooking @ Enabling Village  starting at 20 Lengkok Bahru Singapore
This adventure is funded by LearnSG Seed Fund. The only payment that you need to make is for the food @ $10 per person.

There are two sessions to choose from, session 1 is 10am to 12pm and session 2 is 1-3pm.