Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019

Ivalo, Inari, Finland

Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Finnair Counter

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Ivalo: Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019

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“Hi, I am Kristabel. I'm an aurora addict. I've seen the lights over 20 nights and helped over a handful of people check the northern lights off their bucket list both in style and on budget!”

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Here's your  golden ticket  to experience the magic of Lapland as summer turns into autumn. Travel through north-eastern Finland and Norway to beautiful off-the-beaten-track and underrated destinations. 

We will spend some time in the Kiilopää Fell in Finland, North Cape - the northernmost point of continental Europe, and the most remote village in Norway where a beautiful stone church lies just 500 meters from the Russian borders.

Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019 starting at Ivalo, Inari, Finland
The road trip itinerary includes a mix of guided and free-and-easy activities that you can choose to do together as a group and individually. It will include the one overnight cruise and feature accommodations right in the heart of nature.

Kristabel will be your main driver for the trip, but you can volunteer as a driver if you are keen (drivers license required). Kristabel is a frequent road-tripper, she had driven in Australia, Singapore, Finland, Norway, US, and Thailand (solo).

 The Golden Opportunity to Experience the Magic of Lapland! 

The Golden Lapland Adventure is designed to see the last of the magical midnight sun when the golden hour seems to last forever, and enjoy the vibrant Ruska when nature burst into bright cheery colours before the white snow covers it all.

Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019 starting at Ivalo, Inari, Finland
If you are lucky, we may be able to catch a glimpse of the elusive northern lights in the tiny pocket of nights as we head towards autumn equinox.

 Nature - The Ultimate Detox 

The truth is work will never end. Stand firm and take good care of yourself. Immerse yourself in the beautiful nature of Finland where the air is the cleanest in the world.

Get introduced to the fun and exciting world of geocaching where the scavenger hunt has gone high tech since 2001 when GPS became open to the public, and decades before Pokemon Go! happened.

Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019 starting at Ivalo, Inari, Finland
While the geocachers hunt for Tupperware using the million dollars satellites, the muggles can hunt for berries and mushrooms to fill their Tupperware!

Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019 starting at Ivalo, Inari, Finland
 Experience the Nordic Life 

The Nordic lifestyle focuses a lot on healthy living. Come and get a taste of Finnish life, eat fresh berries and mushrooms that can be picked from the Finnish Fells (just because its everyman's rights). And you will get a chance to try out traditional smoked sauna and ice swimming and reap the health benefits that come with it!

Golden Lapland Adventure Retreat 2019 starting at Ivalo, Inari, Finland


Day 1: Singapore - Helsinki - Ivalo

Gather at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 at 21:30 to embark on our adventure to the north. We will leave on the Finnair flight to Helsinki. This is my preferred flight just because you get to sleep through the night and wake up early in Helsinki at about 06:00 in the morning!

With a 10 hours layover in Helsinki before your flight to Ivalo, take a walking tour around Helsinki City Centre and check out the iconic places such as Temppeliaukion Church (a.k.a. Rock Church), Senate Square and White ChurchMarket Square, and Uspenski Cathedral. If you are keen, this is also one of the best times to take a ferry (using the same bus card) to Suomenlinna the Finnish fortress by the sea.

Return to the airport on time (before 15:00) to take your flight Ivalo! A layover of up to 5 days can be arranged during the flight booking if you are keen to spend more time in the south of Finland. My personal recommendation is to do the layover before the trip to Lapland to enjoy the summer activities - that's when the Finns get out to play!

Day 2: Day at the Gold Village

After a long day of flights, the second day will be relaxing. Choose from the list of activities including gold panning, guided hikes and canoeing trip (subject to availability) and spend the afternoon the way you like. I personally found the gold panning activity to be quite meditative and therapeutic.

Day 3: Heading North to Norway

On our way to Norway, we will spend the afternoon at Siida in Inari to learn more about the Sami people's way of life. As we continue the way to our lodge for the night, enjoy the beautiful scenery. We will spend the night in Kirkenes.

Day 4: The Most Remote Village in Norway

Get a little adventurous as we visit the most remote village in Norway - Grense Jakobselv and visit the beautiful stone church just 500 meters away from the Russian borders. The day will also include the famous king crabs safari and a little crab feast afterward.

Day 5: Cruise through the North-eastern Fjords

We will hop on the cruise at 12:30 and sail our way further north to a remote corner of the world. Relax and chill under the sun and cool breeze till we get to Honningsvåg. The night will be spent on the cruise. We will arrive at 05:30 the next morning.

If everyone on board for the trip is flexible with not needing a cabin to sleep in (since we are hoping off early at 05:30), we can be a little more flexible with the dates.

Day 6: Nordkapp Exploration

Arriving at Honningsvåg 05:30 in the morning, we will head to Nordkapp - the northernmost point of continental Europe before going to Skarsvåg, a small and beautiful fishing village that is usually inaccessible during winter to have breakfast and check out Kirkeporten, a 2.5km hike away. After checking in the accommodation, we rest a little before heading back to Honningsvåg to explore the little town. 

Day 7 & 8: All the Way to Alta

After a good night's rest, we will make our way to Alta. Along the way, we will make a small detour to see this beautiful chapel by the sea I discovered during my last trip. Explore the City of Northern Lights as we will visit the Husky Farm, UNESCO World Heritage Rock Art Centre (a.k.a. Alta Museum) and the beautiful Northern Lights Cathedral.

Day 9: Going Back South

Along the way back south, we will be dropping by a few small places I've discovered during my last trip, and also the new Karasjok Church and old Karasjok Church, which is the oldest Lutheran Church in Finnmark. We will spend the night at Karasjok before heading back to Finland the next day.

Day 10: Heading Back to Finland

While we make our way back to Finland, we meet reindeers along the way. During my last trip, I stayed with a Sami family and they own reindeers which were passed down from father to daughter. Each of the reindeers has a name! Hopefully, I can make some special arrangement to stay there for the afternoon to experience life and have a conversation with the locals.

Day 11: Hiking in the Kiilopää Fell

Kiilopää Fell is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. Even though it was fogged up the last time I was there, but it is such a beautiful place that I will go back again in a heartbeat. This is where you will get hike into the beautiful golden feels, and experience the authentic Finnish smoked sauna and swim in the ice cold water after it!

Day 12: Back to the City

We will fly back to Helsinki and you get to follow me to Turku - the city I lived for 1.5 years and had fallen deeply in love with. This is the capital of Finland before it was moved to Helsinki by the Russians. Check out the South-west Finland itinerary for more information (to be updated)!

For those who are not joining me, we will part ways at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Feel free to spend an extra day in Helsinki, or two. I can arrange the stopover if you are keen to have it after the trip instead of the beginning!

Day 13: Back to Singapore

Arrive back in Singapore!