Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, Dip in Waterfall & Beaches!!

Negri Sembilana Malaysia

Marsiling MRT Bus Stop

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Negri Sembilana Malaysia: Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, D...

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Negeri Sembilan 

is a Malaysian state on the Malay Peninsula's southwest coast, known for its beaches, nature parks and palaces. To the west, on the Malacca Strait, the area around Port Dickson has seaside resorts and famous Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan), a nature reserve with a lighthouse.


1. Batu Maloi Caving- Enchanting & Challenging

Nested in the midst of the lush rainforest of Mount Tampin Forest Reserve, Batu Maloi is a nature site made up of stacks of gigantic granite boulders and rocks. The Batu Maloi cave is formed beneath the masses of large boulders and it has a stream of water that snakes across the stones and rocks of the floor.

One is certainly expected to climb, squeeze, crawl and even get fully submerged underwater for a few seconds! 

There are 24 checkpoints and see how much we can do within the given time.

Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, Dip in Waterfall & Beaches!! starting at Negri Sembilana Malaysia

Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, Dip in Waterfall & Beaches!! starting at Negri Sembilana Malaysia


2. Jerum Toi Waterfall ->Refreshing

Jeram Toi waterfalls are located in between Seremban and Kuala Kelawang, approximately 40 mins from Seremban. It was discovered by the British in 1895 and since then it has been a popular destination for local families. It's a perfect place to hide from the hot sunny day as the water from the waterfalls is so refreshing. If you would like for a massage, stand right below the fall and let the water hit our tiredness away. Surrounding the falls are green lush trees with basic necessity available like public toilet, barbeque pits and walking paths.

Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, Dip in Waterfall & Beaches!! starting at Negri Sembilana Malaysia

3. Cape Rachado Lighthouse & Port Dickson Beautiful Beach->Enjoying

Cape Rachado lighthouse still stands here today, but with modern enhancements and adjoining radar transmitter that visitors can see. From the peak, visitors have an amazing view of the sea, along with lush forest scenery below and magnificent granite outcrops along the coast. An outline of neighbouring Sumatra can even be glimpsed on an exceptionally clear day.

Another must see attraction in Negeri Seremban is the Port Dickson Beach, its the place for water sports, loved by kids and adults. If time allows, we will have some fun time playing with the cooling water

Get Fun in Batu Maloi Caving, Dip in Waterfall & Beaches!! starting at Negri Sembilana Malaysia

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Event Details:-

Date of event:  15-16 July 2016 (Sat) 

Group size: 30 pax 

 Tour & Fun Package of $98  includes:

• 2 Way Transport to Gua Batu Maloi , Jerum Toi Waterfall & Port Dickson

Guides Fees & Park Entrance Fees (Inclusive)

• Non-Halal Lunch (Inclusive)

 • Non-Halal 8-Course Dinner at Yong Peng Restaurant (Inclusive)


1) RSVP and TT S$98 to POSB Current Account[masked]

2) Text[masked] me once done with Print-screen Receipt


Suggested Itinerary: (Subject to Change) 

15-July 2016 (Fri)

1145pm - Gather at BUS STOP infront of Marsiling MRT Station

16 July 2016(Sat)

7am – Breakfast at Negri Sembilan Coffee Shop (Own Cost)

8am- Set off to Gua Batu Maloi Caving exploration

1030am- Finish all the checkpoints (total 24)

11am-Jerum Toi Waterfall

1230pm- Shower & Get Change

1pm- Lunch at Port Dickson(Inclusive)

2pm- Cape Rachado Lighthouse

230pm- Lazing & swimming on the beach

4pm- Depart to Yong Peng

7pm- 8-Course Dinner at Yong Peng Restaurant (Inclusive)

8pm- Depart back to Singapore

10pm - Arrive Marsiling MRT


Disclaimer, Indemnity and Terms of Participation:

 1.  If the participant is late or does not show up at the meeting point specified on date and time, the organizer will not wait for the participant.

2.  It is the participant's onus to find out and fulfill, in a timely manner, the immigration requirements of the trip destination with regard to his / her own nationality - i.e. visas, permits etc. In the absence of essential documentation, the organizers shall not be liable for the consequences of incomplete trip formalities. 

3.  The participant acknowledges that this is an adventure trip. The itinerary serves as a guide only and flexibility or changes may be required. Members who do not cooperate or adhere to the instructions and advice set out by the Event Host shall be removed from the event. The organizers cannot be held responsible for any changes, cancellations or delays caused by accidents, strikes, government regulations, weather conditions or natural calamities, etc. 

4.  All participants are strongly advised to have comprehensive travel insurance against medical exigencies, personal accidents, natural calamities, etc. with the appropriate coverage of activities and geographical area.

5.  The participant understands that during the course of the trip certain events may occur, including, but not limited to, accident or illness, political instability and the forces of nature. The participant agrees to assume all risks associated with the trip and indemnifies the organizers and hosts against all claims, disputes arising from his / her participation. 

**I confirm that I have read, agree & accept the above terms and conditions before participating in this event.**