Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada

Calgary, AB, Canada

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Calgary: Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Advent...

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“The raw beauty and majesty of the mountains are always an inspiration to me. I never cease to be amazed whenever I walk up one. Sometimes sitting and immersing myself in their presence is enough. I live for these opportunities.”

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7 to 15 August 2016 – 9D/8N Trip (This is the trip duration within Canada. You will have to leave SG earlier and arriving SG a day later, depending on the flight schedule) 

Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada - 5 Nights of RV Camping and Self-Drive Tour of the Canadian Rockies

Banff and Jasper National Park* are world renowned for their amazing mountains with sensational summit views, brilliant glaciers, and beautiful pristine lakes - you’ll definitely not want to miss this in your lifetime!

(*Banff and Jasper Mountain Parks are listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites)

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Banff Gondola

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Lake Louise

Step out of your comfort zone and experience 5 nights of RV camping in a forest in Banff National Park*. During your days of camping, you can go - hiking in a canyon, canoeing on a lake, summiting a peak, rafting down rapids, caving in the depths of mountains, trekking on cabled walkways on mountain tops, strolling through meadows, soaking in a hot spring, or just sitting and taking it all in, on a mountain top or by a lakeshore.

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
RV Camping

After your days of outdoor living, you’ll leave the campsite and drive yourself and your friends on the incredible Icefields Parkway and make your own way to Jasper. The Icefields Parkway has view of amazing glaciers, of which the Athabasca Glacier is the most renowned and popular. The parkway is also the gateway to the Sunwapta and Athabasca Falls, the Crowfoot, Cavell, and Angel Glaciers, hiking trails, and numerous scenic stops with stunning views of peaks, valleys, rivers and lakes.

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Icefields Parkway

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Athabasca Falls – one of numerous scenic stops on Icefields Parkway

What Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure is all about

The Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure is a 9-day/8-night tour for a group of 4 people with 5 nights of camping and 3 nights of hotel accommodation.

You will be transferred from the airport on your day of arrival in Calgary to the campsite in Banff (or Lake Louise or Kananaskis) to begin your 5-night camping section of the tour.

During the next 4 days, you will be transported every day, to a variety of different scenic locations, attractions or adventure activities.

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Caving Tour

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
Via Ferrata

Get a taste of Summer Epic Rocky Mountain Adventure in Canada starting at Calgary, AB, Canada
White Water Rafting

After you checked out of the campsite on the morning of the 6th day, you and your friends will drive yourselves in a rented car, and head towards Jasper town, via the Icefields Parkway.

While travelling on the Icefields Parkway, you will have the chance to make numerous stops, at your own leisure, for the spectacular sights and short side trips, and do a tour at the Columbia Icefield Centre.

Once you arrive in Jasper town, you will check into your hotel, and stay there for 2 nights. During your stay, you will visit the various scenic sights around Jasper and take part in activities that you have booked.

On the 8th day, you will head back down the Icefields Parkway, to return the rental car in Banff. You will be picked up in Banff and transferred to a hotel in Calgary to stay for one night.

The next day, you will be transferred to Calgary airport to catch your flight and depart for home.

Trip Dates: 7 to 15 August 2016 – 9D/8N

Planned Itinerary and Schedule:

5 nights of camping

Day 1, 7 August

  - Arrival from airport

  - Banff Gondola, Hot Springs, Cave and Basin, Tunnel Mountain (hiking trail)

  - Purchase groceries for camp stay

Day 2, 8 August

- Lake Louise / Lake Moraine – Optional: Voyager Canoe Tour

  - Hike: one of Lake Louise or Lake Moraine trails

Day 3, 9 August

- Whitewater rafting

- Hike: Johnston Canyon or similar trail

Day 4, 10 August

  - Caving Tour

- Optional: Banff Lake Cruise

Day 5, 11 August 

- Free Day in Banff or Canmore

-  Optional: Via Ferrata

Guided and protected walking routes on a mountain made possible with fixed iron cables, ladders and suspension bridges.

2 nights in Jasper: Self-Drive Tour for Day 6 to Day 8

Day 6, 12 August

  - Depart campground for Jasper in Rented Car

- Sightseeing along Icefields Parkway – enroute to Jasper

- Optional: Ice Explorer and SkyWalk at Columbia Icefield Centre

Day 7, 13 August

  - Malign Canyon, Medicine Lake, and Malign Lake

- Lakes near Jasper town: Pyramid, Patricia, Beauvert, Edith, and Annette

1 night in Calgary

Day 8, 14 August

  - Depart hotel in Jasper for Banff (to return rented car) and then transfer to Calgary

- Enroute to Banff along Icefields Parkway: Short hike – Edith Cavell and/or Parker Ridge

- Pre-departure night stay in airport hotel in Calgary

Departure from Calgary

Day 9, 15 August - Depart hotel for airport to board flight home

Package Price

CAD 2,433 per person in a group of 4 (group of 4 is the minimum to travel) up to maximum of 3 groups.

CAD 2,238 per person when 2 groups are travelling

CAD 2,022 per person when 3 groups are travelling

Note: Additionally, each person must prepare CAD 120 in cash to be paid to the driver (renter) of the vehicle for the self-drive portion of the tour, prior to the commencement of the self-drive tour. This amount may be lower depending on the vehicle that is rented.

As summer holiday is a peak season in Canada, it would require advance booking and arrangement. Hence would need a confirmation with a deposit of CAD 900 by 26 June 2016 and balance payment by 3 July 2016.

Seats are confirmed based on first-pay-first-serve basis.


POSB Saving Account: 117-02762-7

Bank Code: 7171

Branch Code: 081

Our Contact Details

Chong Lee Ling: HP: 91734828, Email:

Georgina Chin: HP: 96226838, Email:

Package Includes

-  All Transfers: Airport to Campsite; Banff to Calgary hotel; Calgary hotel to Airport

-  All tours in a mini-van and trips to activities as per itinerary during the first 5 days

-  National Park Pass for 7 days – for entry into Banff and Jasper National Park

-  All Accommodations:

5 Nights RV Camping: Rental of campsite, Delivery & Set-up of RV and Rental of RV

3 nights Hotel: 2 nights in Jasper, 1 night in Calgary

-  Tickets for ride on the Banff Gondola

-  Entry to the Banff Hotsprings

-  Entry to the Cave and Basin

-  Whitewater Rafting

-  Cave Adventure Tour

-  All 3 Guided Hiking trips: Tunnel Mountain, Trail in Lake Louise/Moraine, Johnston Canyon or similar

The following are not included in the package:

-  Flight tickets to and from Calgary airport

-  Travel Insurance

-  Shared Cost of Rental of Vehicle for 3-day Self-Drive part of tour

(approx. CAD 320 to 480 for 3-day rental of an economy car to a mid-size SUV)

-  All Optional tours as indicated in itinerary

-  All meals during the tour

-  All other taxes and gratuities above what is included in the package

-  Any other personal or travel expenses: eg. laundry service, bus shuttle in Banff, etc

Other Important and Helpful Information

(1) Self-Drive Tour

As this tour contains a self-drive portion, at least 1 member in the group of 4 must have experience driving a vehicle, and be at least 25 years of age. The person renting the vehicle is responsible for renting the vehicle with his/her driving licence and passport, make payment with his/her credit card, and be responsible for the vehicle during the duration of the self-drive tour. He/She is also responsible for any traffic infringements including parking fines and speeding tickets.

Cost of renting the vehicle includes the rental, GPS navigation (or other accessories if desired), Loss and Damage Waiver (Insurance), other fees imposed by the rental company, and GST. The total cost of rental is approximately CAD 320 to 480 for an economy car to a mid-size SUV. The total cost of rental will be split equally among the 4 persons in the group travelling in the same vehicle. The share of the cost will be paid in cash to the renter of the vehicle, prior to the commencement of the self-drive tour.

After final payments are made for the tour and the tour is confirmed (about 8 weeks before tour date), the driver for the group will decide on the vehicle to be rented and provide personal information relevant to the booking of the vehicle. The vehicle will be booked by the tour organiser, and on the day of pick-up of the vehicle, he/she will provide the relevant documents to settle the process of renting the vehicle.

(2) RV Camping:

RV Camping is a Quad-sharing accommodation in an RV trailer.

The RV trailer has 1 Queen bed, 2 single beds, fridge, gas stove, microwave, toaster, air-conditioning, heater, toilet and shower, pots and pans, knives, chopping board, gas lighter, plates, bowls, cups, cutleries, salt and pepper, kitchen towels, hand towels, dishwashing soap & sponge, and hand soap. The trailer storage also has 4 foldable lawn chairs and a table. There are also electrical outlets in the trailer which are usable if the campsite has electrical power. There is no wi-fi in a campground - lol.

The campsite has a picnic table with benches, and a fire pit. Firewood is usually available on the campground. Campgrounds that we booked for our tour packages will normally have showers and toilet facilities. It is recommended that that you use these facilities provided at the campground and not the toilet and shower in the RV as far as possible. This is to prevent the inconvenience of having to remove the RV from the campsite to refill the water tanks and dispose the waste water.

As it is possible to cook your own meals during camping (especially for breakfast and dinner), you may want to plan your meals prior to arriving in Calgary, so that you would be ready to purchase groceries on the first day of your tour.

(3) Accommodation in Jasper:

This will be a twin or quad sharing accommodation. It may be a chalet or bungalow, hotel room, or bed and breakfast, depending on what is available at the time of booking.

(4) White Water Rafting, Caving Tour, and Via Ferrata:

These activities are suitable for the beginner with no experience. Anyone who is adventurous, fun and thrill seeking will enjoy these activities. During the activity, you will be lead by professional, experienced and qualified guides. All safety equipment, gear, special clothing, and instructions will be provided before and during the activity as needed.

(5) Hikes

The 3 hikes mentioned in the itinerary range from an easy to moderate level of difficulty, and is suitable for anyone with average fitness. Alternative hikes may be taken if these are not favourable due to weather and/or trail conditions, or if deemed unsuitable for the group as the case may arise at the time. The hikes may also be re-scheduled to a different day of the tour for the same reasons or due to time constraints.

(6) Cost of Meals

Food prices range from CAD 5 (eg. breakfast: sandwich and coffee) to CAD 40 (eg. restaurant: steak with potatoes/vegetables, and beer). Otherwise, it should usually be about CAD 8 to 20 per meal. The estimates excludes tipping that is required in a restaurant or café where a server serves you at the table. Fast food outlets or buying food (like sandwiches) off the shelves in a deli, does not require tipping. Tipping for service is between 10 to 15% of the cost of the meal.

Flight Details

Recommended flight details will be posted in due course.


  • the tour went really well...ten in a group was just about right and the group managed to gel quite nicely..we also had great weather, mostly blue skies for our hikes, got very lucky too with close encounters of many wild life like bears, moose, elks, squirrels, chipmunks, eagles, and the doe-eyed cu... Read more the tour went really well...ten in a group was just about right and the group managed to gel quite nicely..we also had great weather, mostly blue skies for our hikes, got very lucky too with close encounters of many wild life like bears, moose, elks, squirrels, chipmunks, eagles, and the doe-eyed cute deers too of course ???????? as daniel had lived in canada for 12 years, he was able to pick out good food and sought out good accommodation for the tour ???????? thought daniel planned and coordinated the whole trip very someone observed, it was like a tour with sub-tours as daniel made sure that each of us get to do the optional tours that we had requested.. daniel was ever ready to accommodate to our requests, like making time for a run in the morning or for photography, looking out for opportunity to catch sights of wild life, ensuring everyone got their once in a life-time close up shots of the famed wild life in canada.. entertained us with games and drinks at lake louise..always making sure that we were all safe, well-fed and happy ???????? for me, really like the parker ridge hike..hike was not too long nor too the summit we got to see a beautiful but receding glacier between the mountains.. the glacier icewalk was another interesting highlight for me personally..the guide was informative and gave us fun experiences on the glacier ice..this icewalk should not be missed as probably not many chances to walk on glacier ice in time to come with global warming.. thank you daniel for putting together this fun and memorable road trip to the canadian rockies.. thank you too to 3PG for curating tours that give solo travellers like me a chance to experience something different something unique..and also to meet and make new friends..thank you ???????? Read less

  • Good and informative talk

  • Very interesting sharings from the organisers and participants.