Feed your curiosity on the trip to North Korea!

North Korea

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North Korea: Feed your curiosity on the trip to North Korea!

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North Korean Kids by Young Pioneer Tours licensed by BY CC 1.0

You have heard about the country. You have read about it on the news a lot lately. And, you know about its bad reputation in the media. But do you actually want to know a country by what you read only and not by what you experience? Calm yourself, North Korea is considered a safe country to visit if we follow the rules that have been set up by tour guide. The thing that you might worry the most is probably not to spend enough time to explore the country. Join me in this short trip to North Korea from 13 - 18 Feb 2020. We will come back with a lot of good interesting stories to share. I am intending to engage this travel agency from China. They have budget tour package specially organised by Young Pioneer Tours. You can find the details here. https://www.youngpioneertours.com/tour/kim-jong-il-birthday-dmz-tour/ To read more about FAQs, please use the link below. https://www.youngpioneertours.com/north-korea-faq/ If you are seriously interested in this trip, please drop me a message. I will be happy to discuss further. Thank you!


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