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Join us on June 19th, as we speak with Raj Tamang, the Singapore-born Nepali who followed his heart back to the Himalayas. Raj returned to Nepal after his father's retirement in 1988 allowed him to pursue his aspiration, founding Responsible Adventures which specialises in small group treks off the beaten path. Brought up with strong values of service and discipline (his father was with the Singapore Police - Gurkhas), Raj also has a long history of engagement with the local charities and has led numerous high altitude training camps for expeditions. Come chat with Raj and learn about the awe-inspiring treks of Nepal you never heard about, the impact of the lockdown on Mother Nature and the Nepalese livelihood and the burning question.... When can we return to the mountains?

Wildfire is hosting a Facebook Live Stream (From Our Home to Yours), so see you on Friday, June 19th @ 9:00 PM (UTC +08:00). We will do our best to answer any questions during the streaming session. Register today!