Explore Mongolia by Horseback


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Mongolia: Explore Mongolia by Horseback

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“The Wildfi­­re Expedi­t­ions tea­m ­are out­doo­r enth­usia­sts w­ith a­ pas­sion f­or ­adventu­re­. We are­ ­trekkers,­­ divers, y­­ogis, tra­v­elers, e­xp­lorers.­”

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Journey to Mongolia and enjoy the majestic landscapes in a way that few have a chance to experience!

Wildfire is taking you to Mongolia to the majestic lake Khar that can only be reached by horseback, to enjoy a scenic landscape like no other. During this trip, we will be navigating a mountains, crossing rivers, and riding through taiga forests in the most remote and beautiful areas of the Khentii Mountain range. Deep in the forested valleys, you will discover the hidden jewel of the area – Khagiin Khar or Black Lake – in the heart of a truly pristine landscape. Bears, wolves, red deer, moose and other wild animals are the only inhabitants of this strictly protected area.

This awesome trek will also allow us time to relax in the capital of Ulaan Bataar and view the city with a city tour.


Day 1 Arrive at Ulaan Bataar (ULN) Airport, Pickup and Transport to Homestay
Day 2 – Shuttle Pickup and Drive to Dundgovi province, 250 km away. Experience Nomadic countryside and Mongolian traditional dinner. Staying in a Gher
Day 3 – Start the horseback riding and explore the country side via horseback to the granite cliffs of Ikh Gazryn Chuluu, Staying in Gher.
Day 4 – Today we will begin the trek to Lake Teredj. We will start the journey heading toward the Teredj river and continue to build our horse riding skills. Overnight stay in a tent.
Day 5 – We will continue riding down beautiful Terelj river at the Gorkhi –Terelj national park
Day 6 – We will ride the horse head to the trail head to be picked up by shuttle to be taken back to Ulaan Bataar.
Day 7 – will be a tour of Ulaan Bataar and free time to explore.
Day 8 – We say farewall to Majestic Mongolia!