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Taiwan is well-known for its night market and street foods. The popular Taipei 101 shopping mall that never ceased to amaze the visitors with its fireworks during the new year eve. Not forgetting the hot spring at Yangming Shan as well as the Yu Shan which is also one of popular places for hikers!

Explore & Dive Southern Coast of Taiwan – Kenting & Green Island starting at Taiwan
However, we hardly to hear about the underwater life that Taiwan has to offer. There are actually a quite number of dive spots that look promising. During this full 5 days and 4 nights in Taiwan, we will explore the underwater world! The good news is, it is good to dive around the year with the water temperature around 22ºC. Whether you are a new diver or experienced, you are welcome to join! Let's see the other side of Taiwan and come back with another new diving experiences. :)

Explore & Dive Southern Coast of Taiwan – Kenting & Green Island starting at Taiwan
Taiwan has five major diving regions with fantastic visibility and varied marine life year-round: Kenting, Orchid Island, Green Island, Xiao Liu Qiu, and Dungji Island. With deserted dive sites containing an interesting mix of landscapes, pelagic species and corals, Taiwan isn't yet a major dive destination. But, it is certain to attract more divers as word spreads.


The accommodation will be a sharing villa or room in Kenting as well as on Green Island. All is subject to the availability by the time we confirm the trip. The earliest we can confirm, the better the accommodation we might able to get.

Explore & Dive Southern Coast of Taiwan – Kenting & Green Island starting at Taiwan

We will fly in from Taoyuan and fly out from Kaoshiung. The current flight cost as of September 8, 2019, with 20 kg check-in baggage allowances both ways. Do not book until the trip is confirmed!

Explore & Dive Southern Coast of Taiwan – Kenting & Green Island starting at Taiwan



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Scuba Diving in Kenting & Green Island

Kenting Marine Park covers 15,185 hectares of ocean, it has a subtropical climate and an enormous variety of marine life. The average sea temperature varies between 22c in winter to 29c in summer. Diving in Kenting (Kending) is year-round, but the best visibility is during the dry season, which is late autumn to early spring. This coincides with the NE monsoon which brings with it strong winds. In winter/spring sea surface temps (SST) average 22C~26C and in summer/autumn 24C~29C. Diving from the shore in the Kenting area may present some challenges for the novice diver. Not least are the coral rocks, coral sea cliffs and lava flow rock that bounder many of the shorelines, rip currents and swiftly moving tides. This makes the Kenting area an ideal place to learn how to dive as Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Divers come out of their course(s) far better able to cope with the less than ideal conditions.

Green Island During martial law that lasted from 1949-1988 and a few years beyond that, it was used as a penal colony. Today it is a popular tourist destination. It is volcanic in origin and has native wildlife that includes deer, goats, chameleons, giant bats, coconut crabs and resident, and migratory birds. The rich and diverse fringing reef has more than 200 species of coral and 300 species of fish. Highlighted creatures include nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, moray eels, banded sea snakes, large fan corals, titan triggerfish, cuttlefish, pufferfish, lionfish and on the larger side, batfish, dogtooth tuna, mahi-mahi, trevally, green and hawksbill turtles, eagle and manta rays, and humpback and sperm whales, not to mention the hammerheads. Overall there are approximately 30 dive sites including a couple of wrecks. We will do both boat dives and shore dives at these two places.

Green Island, Taitung

Green Island is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean about 33 km off the eastern coast of Taiwan. It has a natural tropical paradise filled with well-preserved coral reefs, gorgeous coastline views, and more.

Kenting National Park

The centerpiece of the Hengchun Peninsula is Kenting (Kending) National Park, Taiwan's only tropical national park. Established in 1982, Kenting (Kending) National Park covers a total area of 33,268 hectares of land and maritime environments. This is Taiwan's most densely populated national park, and it includes large stretches of agricultural land's providing visitors with a view of typical Taiwanese rural life. In addition, the national park includes mountains, forests, pasture, lakes, sand dunes, beaches, and coral reefs imply everything you could desire when you want to get up front and personal with Mother Nature. A seaside with stretches of white sand and mountainous scenery behind, Kenting National Park has all the ingredients for a fun-filled holiday. With scatterings of rare flora and fauna, and colorful corals to explore, diving is a popular activity here.


Arrive at Taoyuan International Airport early in the morning (6 am). From the airport, we will have our breakfast at the local eateries. We will visit few places along the way to Taitung. Expected to arrive in Taitung at around 4 pm. Check in to our accommodation. Rest and free programme.

DAY 2 (FRI, 24/04/2020): TAITUNG – GREEN ISLAND (B)
After breakfast, get ready to check out. We will depart to Green Island by ferry (1 hour) from Fugang Harbour. Reach Green Island expected the latest by 11 pm, Check in to our accommodation. Prepare for our shore dive after lunch. Back to our accommodation and free time afterwards.

After breakfast, we will take a boat out for diving. Today, we will do 2 boat dives in the morning. Back to our accommodation, get ready to check out and catch our ferry back to Fugang Harbour. From the harbour, we will move to Pintung. Reach Pintung at around 8 pm and free programme afterwards.

DAY 4 (SUN, 26/04/2020): PINTUNG – KENTING (B)
Simple breakfast will be served. After breakfast, we will take a boat out for diving. Today, we will do 2 boat dives in the morning and 2 shore dives in the afternoon. Back to our accommodation and free programme afterwards.

DAY 5 (MON, 27/04/2020): KENTING – KAOSHIUNG (B)
Simple breakfast will be served. Today, we will explore places around Kenting National Park until evening time, drop off at Kaoshiung International Airport to catch our flight at 9 pm back to Singapore.

• If necessary, the sequence of the itinerary may be changed.