Explore Abandoned Istana

Botanical gardens Farrer Road Singapore

Farrer Road MRT Exit A

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Botanical gardens Farrer Road Singapore: Explore Abandone...

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Woodneuk House was completed in 1935 in time for the celebration of the Sultan of Johor's 62nd birthday and his 40 years of reign. Sultan Ibrahim or H.R.H. Paduka Sri Sultan Al-Haj Sir Ibrahim al-Mashur ibni al-Marhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar (born 17th September 1873 and ruled from 4th June 1895 - 8th May 1959) ruled during this period. It was said this house was built for Sultan Ibrahim and his English wife Helen Bartholomew. They married in 1930, and she was crowned Sultanah Helen Ibrahim in 1931.

Explore Abandoned Istana starting at Botanical gardens Farrer Road Singapore

Woodneuk was a beautiful place and was described one built with bricks and stones. The building is colored dark cream and grey with a roof of lovely blue shimmering Devonshire tiles. The doors are made to fold back fully and at the blue lounge where the 2 staircase are located, the main coloring is a soft shade of pastel blue. The panels you will see behind the column in between the staircase are beautiful screens made of light wood with panels of old chinese carvings. This panels were originally from Tyersall. The parquet flooring has persian rugs with the central rug being of beautiful soft blue with brocade and china themes. 

Explore Abandoned Istana starting at Botanical gardens Farrer Road Singapore

Istana Woodneuk has suffered from the test of time, nature and human brutality. The mansion was subject to the bombing of the Japanese in 1942, killing approximately 700 medics and patients, and was ferociously attacked by a fire circa 2006 which burned down its glorious blue roof.  

Click here to see more beautifully taken photographshttps://www.flickr.com/search/?text=singapore%20abandoned%20istana 

It is rumored that this place experienced paranormal activities.  I am not sure about it, I will go with respect and peace, I believe I will be fine.

Please don't know confuse with Farrer Park MRT, that is on the North East Line.  Farrer Road MRT is on Circle Line.

After which if anyone want, we can go for a lunch.