Everest Speaker Series: Find Your Everest - Kuntal Joisher

Orchard Link, Scape, Singapore

Scape Level 4 Hubquarters Energize Room

This adventure is: #for a good cause, #free, #suitable for children

Orchard Link: Everest Speaker Series: Find Your Everest -...

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Travelling and hiking are more than just about the mountains. It is also about learning from different perspectives and experiences, and what better way to do so than to hear from someone who has been to Everest?

Organized by"The Health Suttra", this talk is led by Mr. Kuntal Joisher who is the first vegan mountaineer atop Mount Everest. However, it was a journey that was fraught with many challenging moments.

Mr Kuntal will touch on his journey to Mount Everest, including the many trials and tribulations such as his failed expeditions in 2014 and 2015 along the way.

He will also share his innermost fears and how he overcame them to achieve his dream, and the reality behind big mountain climbing as compared to popular culture.

As a vegan on Mount Everest, Mr Kuntal will share his ideas on the Vegan diet in mountaineering, especially in the high mountains.


When: 31 Oct 2018, Wednesday, 7.00 PM (Registration Starts)
Where: *SCAPE HubQuarters (Level 4) Energize Room, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978
Who: Anyone!

Do try to be on time. I understand that some of you might have work, so we have shifted the time slightly later. 7pm is registration while the speaker will start at 7.30pm! Also, please RSVP only if you are really coming because there are about 80 seats at most.


Kuntal Joisher combines the distinction of being both an accomplished mountaineer and a high-end, computer science professional. He is an alumnus of Vivekanand Institute of Technology, Mumbai, and USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Los Angeles.

His insatiable passion for mountaineering has led him to climb mountain ranges across the world, including the Western Ghats, the Northern Icecap in Chile, and the Nepalese and Indian Himalaya. Joisher is the first plant-based athlete to stand on the very top of Mt. Everest, and Mt. Manaslu (the 8th highest mountain in the world), and the only human in the entire world to have climbed to the top of an 8000 meter mountain – Mt. Lhotse (4th highest) as a true 100% Vegan (diet and mountaineering gear).

He is also a respected photographer, and his work has been published in National Geographic, BBC Earth, Space.com, Himalayan Journal, The Outdoor Journal, and several other newspapers and magazines across the world.

Joisher regularly travels across India and the world to speak about his life-transforming journey of climbing Mt. Everest as a plant-based athlete in hopes to inspire his audience to go plant-based.

Joisher continues to train hard both mentally and physically and dreams of leading an all Vegan expedition to the very Top of the world – Mt. Everest in near future. In addition to his dedication to climbing,

Joisher is passionate about two causes: raising awareness about the disease of Dementia and spreading the message of veganism and vegetarianism.