Easy Hike to the Sea of Clouds - Bukit Senaling

Bukit Senaling, Johol, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

Harbourfront Centre bus station to Malaysia

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Bukit Senaling: Easy Hike to the Sea of Clouds - Bukit Se...

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Hey everyone! I’m Farah and I love hiking + yoga (am a yoga teacher too!). I’ve always wanted to combine these two activities together and decided to organize one for this trip to Bukit Senaling! This is an easy leisure hike of less than 400 metres to the sea of clouds. Located in Senaling, Kuala Pilah in Negeri Sembilan, Bukit Senaling is famous for its scenic view even for a hill at this height (394m). It is perfect for beginners who have climbed Bukit Timah Hill and are looking to challenge themselves a little bit more with a slightly higher hill which will take about 1.5 - 2 hours to reach the summit.

As it is mostly an open trek up the summit, we may take short breaks at the flatlands along the way for some light & easy yoga stretches while enjoying the view. I may include some mindful breathing to immerse ourselves with the fresh air and nature - No mats needed! :)

Once we are done with the hike, we can go for a free & easy makan/shopping in Malacca and leave by 3:30 pm for our trip back home. 

Check out the itinerary below for more details! 

My friends and I having fun with a yoga pose towards the peak of Bukit Senaling

Wow such beautiful scenery

I think it is worth getting up early for such a beautiful scenery easy hike.

Here am I stretching and breathing in the fresh air from nature

Don't you think this is so beautiful?

I think this is a beautiful scenery along the hike towards the peak

Mud track path to the peak of Bukit Senaling

At the summit area of Bukit Senaling

Additional Info

1. We are expected to be back in Singapore latest by 9 pm. Having said that, depending on the traffic conditions, delays can be expected.
2. The sea of clouds is not predictable.
3. Due to the system bug, this trip is $100 and not $112. We will refund the $12 difference after your full payment.


11:45 pm - Meet at Harbourfront Centre coach bay
12 am - Depart from Harbourfront Centre coach bay to Malaysia
4 am - Stop at Ayer Keroh R&R for toilet break + light breakfast (own expense)
6 am - Arrive at base of Bukit Senaling to meet local guide + safety briefing
6:30 am - Start climb to Bukit Senaling
8:30 am - Reach peak of Bukit Senaling
9:30 am - Descend down to base
11:30 am - Back to base of Bukit Senaling
12:45 pm - Reach Ayer Keroh R&R for shower/change of clothes
2 pm - Depart for Malacca local mall for free and easy
4 pm - Leave for Singapore
9 - 10 pm - Back in Singapore

All timings above are estimated and may differ slightly depending on current situations.