Easy Hike to the Sea of Clouds - Bukit Senaling

Maritime Square, Harbourfront Centre, Singapore

Harbourfront Centre bus station to Malaysia

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Maritime Square: Easy Hike to the Sea of Clouds - Bukit S...

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“Hi, I am Farah . Nice to meet you.”

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This is an easy leisure hike of less than 400 metres to the sea of clouds. Bukit Senaling is famous for its sea of clouds even for hill of this height. As such I believe for most people that can climb Bukit Timah will be able to conquer this hill without too much of a challenge.

I am Farah the organizer of this trip and I am a yoga teacher too. I thought to make this hike more fun and relaxing for most people, I will be doing simple yoga stretches when hiking. Please join me in a short weekend gateway hike and shopping in Malacca! I look forward to meeting you.

My friends and I having fun when resting towards the peak of Bukit Senaling

Wow such beautiful scenery

I think it is worth getting up early for such a beautiful scenery easy hike.

Here am I stretching and breathing in the fresh air from nature

Don't you think this is so beautiful?

I think this is a beautiful scenery along the hike towards the peak

Mud track path to the peak of Bukit Senaling

Additional Info

1. We are expected to be back in Singapore latest by 9 pm. Having said that, depending on the traffic conditions, delays can be expected.
2. The sea of clouds is not predictable.


12 am Meet at HarbourFront Bus Station to Malaysia
5 am Reach Bukit Senaling
6 am Start climb to Bukit Senaling
8:30 am Reach peak of Bukit Senaling
11 am Back to foot of Bukit Senaling
11:30 am Leave for Malacca
1:30 pm Free and Easy in Malacca
3:30 pm Leave for Singapore
7 pm Back in Singapore