Discover the Lights, Tastes and Stories of Deepawali

Little India Arcade Singapore

Little India Arcade

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Little India Arcade Singapore: Discover the Lights, Taste...

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Update : We have had last minute cancellations so if you are interested in joining 24th Oct please meet directly at 7-11 (@ 6:15 pm) at Little India Arcade on Serangoon Road. I will be waiting in the front wearing a white tshirt and denim shorts. And I do look like my profile pic :)

Pls note that you will need to carry 30SGD to cover for the dinner.

Rows of twinkling lights. Plates of delectable goodies. Sparklers, fireworks and colours. This is how I remember Deepawali back home in Chennai.

Why do we celebrate it ? How can you celebrate it at home? For this and many more conversations join me as we walk through Little India Arcade and the Deepawali market. Rounding off the evening with a meal at Barefoot Dining by Lagnaa.

Walking tour and dinner will be 2 hours total.

Please note we are running this event at cost (SGD 30 per person covering dinner). So we will be running the tour only if we have 8-10 participants for the day. 

Discover the Lights, Tastes and Stories of Deepawali starting at Little India Arcade Singapore