Deaf Cafe @ Coffee Bandits

Henderson Road Singapore

Coffee Bandits

This adventure is: #on the weekend, #for a good cause

Henderson Road Singapore: Deaf Cafe @ Coffee Bandits

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Have you ever been to a cafe that restricts verbal communication? You can only communicate through the form of writing or sign language.

Welcome to Deaf Cafe where you will be able to communicate with our Deaf facilitators over food whilst learning basic sign language and the deaf culture with no distraction from your mobile phone.


Bask in silence and listen with your heart on 26th Nov at Coffee Bandits.

Deaf Cafe @ Coffee Bandits starting at Henderson Road SingaporeDeaf Cafe @ Coffee Bandits starting at Henderson Road Singapore
This adventure is funded by LearnSG Seed Fund. The only payment that you need to make is for the food @ $7.50 per person.

There are two session to choose from, Session 1: 1-3pm, Session 2: 4-6pm.