Commemorating Singapore’s History - The Bicentennial Experience

Cox Terrace, Fort Canning Centre, Singapore

Fort Canning Centre Main Entrance

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Cox Terrace: Commemorating Singapore’s History - The Bice...

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This year we commemorate 200 years since the founding of Singapore - but this land has a much longer and richer past than you can imagine. Join us for an informative, entertaining and experiential evening as we walk through 700 years of Singapore's history with a multi-sensory experience at “From Singapore to Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience”, held at the Fort Canning Centre.  

This special showcase will only be available for a short time - slots are limited and sell out fast. We have been able to secure 50 tickets for 3PG members - so RSVP now to join us on July 12th.

NOTE: Please arrive on time at 7.30pm for 3PlayGrounds to mark attendance so that the group can be ready by 7.45pm to register for the Show which starts at 8pm - latecomers will not be granted admittance! Tickets are free of charge but limited in number, so kindly un-RSVP before 1 July 2019 if you can't make it - this way someone else can go.

Learn more about Singapore's bicentennial through the official website. If you can't join us on July 12th - no worries - tickets for other dates are available here.

Photos courtesy of Singapore Bicentennial Office

Part One – Time Traveller

A multi-sensory journey through Singapore's history in five acts, with a prelude that touches on the climatic episodes our island experienced. The indoor experience highlights key moments and formative events from our past and tells the story of our journey through a combination of live actors, moving sets, and multimedia projections.

Part 2 – Pathfinder

A series of outdoor pavilions where you can discover new aspects of Singapore history. Explore these structures at your own pace and see how Singapore's past connects with the rest of the world. Examine fascinating historical maps, peer through telescopes, learn about native plant species and much more. We will be visiting at night and will be able to catch the Lightbeam light show in one of three possible colours.