Bukit Timah Monkey Walk (Free!)

177 Hindhede Drive, Singapore 589333

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This adventure is: #on the weekend, #for a good cause, #free

177 Hindhede Drive: Bukit Timah Monkey Walk (Free!)

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Bukit Timah Monkey Walk (Free!) starting at 177 Hindhede Drive, Singapore 589333
Let's go for Jane Goodall Singapore, Bukit Timah Monkey Walk together! :)

This is a Free, Community Event. 


We are not the only primates in Singapore – the long-tailed macaques, Raffles’ banded langurs, and the Sunda slow lorises are three other primate species native to this island.

The most ‘visible’ of them are the macaques, and you might have seen them at MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Macaques are intelligent and have a complex social network, making the observation of their day-to-day lives interesting.

Unfortunately, there have been human-macaque conflicts due to our lack of awareness on how to behave around macaques. We believe that our behaviour influences theirs, one way to eliminate conflicts is to start by understanding them and behaving appropriately.

Want to know more? As part of our efforts to share knowledge about the macaques, JGIS has collaborated with NParks to conduct monthly guided walks. The walks are conducted by our Monkey Walkers, primatologists or guides trained by our primatologists.

This event is suitable for adults and children above 8 years.


Whatsapp Message us, ANIMAL ENCOUNTERS @ +65 9184 0209, if you have any questions / are keen to join! :) 

This adventure is: #on-the-weekend, #for-a-good-cause, #free
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and we'll need confirmed RSVP from 1-10 friends

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