Dine In The Dark With Visually Impaired Friends on 17 Aug @ 5pm

Henderson Road, Coffee Bandits HQ, Singapore

Coffee Bandits HQ

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Henderson Road: Dine In The Dark With Visually Impaired F...

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Your sight will be taken away, but be assured, your visually impaired host will activate your other senses and assist your to navigate, dine and enjoy the conversation and music in the dark.

A Social Dinner, Intimate Discussion and Music in 100% darkness.

Blind Cafe is a social experience created by Fortitude Culina. At Fortitude Culina we empower visually impaired with culinary skills. This being said, it also means your 3 course dinner is prepared and cooked by visually impaired chefs. While dining together with a visually impaired, you should expect intimate dialogues to discover about yourself and your new found friends.

The night will end off with the visually impaired performing live music for you to enjoy music in the dark.