Anambas Islands: Let's Sail to this Unknown Close-by Tropical Island Paradise

Anambas Islands, Riau Islands, Indonesia

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Anambas Islands: Anambas Islands: Let's Sail to this Unkn...

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According to CNN, The Anambas Island out-ranks Koh Chang, Langwaki, Halong Bay and Similan and as Asia's Tropical Island Paradise. Let's embark on a journey to discover if these islands really deserve the title.

The Anambas Islands are a spectacular 9-hour boat journey from Bintan. - it may sound like a long time but the spectacular scenery makes it pass quickly. We will visit Nenggek and Luwe Beach for snorkeling swimming and picnicking. try to catch a glimpse of the Hawk-bill and Green turtles as they come onshore and camp on the beach as we watch the sunrise, and splash around in pristine tropical waterfalls.


Visit Unspoiled Islands Far of the Tourist Trail

A view from Nyamuk, Siantan Timur by a_rabin licensed by BY CC 2.0

Watch the Sunset and Sleep on the Beach

Sunset At Letung, Jemaja by a_rabin licensed by BY CC 2.0

Explore the Beach at Low Tide

Relax While Floating in a Tropical Lagoon

Travel Between Islands by Boat

Additional Info

Itinerary is preliminary and subject to change


Day 1: Take the ferry to Bintan

Day 2: Stunning 7 to 9 hours sailing trip between Bintan and Anambas Island.

Day 3: Visit Nenggek and Luwe Beach for snorkeling, swimming or a simple picnic by the beach. Head to Pahat Island to wait for Hawk-billed and Green turtles to come onshore.

Day 4: We will head to a fish breeding village, visit Temburun waterfall, we will then head to Penjalin beach.

Day 5: Visit Palau Bawah which is 2-hour speed boat away. Should time permit we will head to Lingai Beach and maybe have lunch at the hidden waterfall.

Day 6: Return to Singapore