An Invitation to Experience Dining in the Dark

Toa Payoh Singapore

Caldecott MRT Station (CC17)

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Toa Payoh Singapore: An Invitation to Experience Dining i...

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Have you ever experience having your lunch in a pitch dark environment that you can’t even see your fingers right in front of your face? Can you imagine how you could manoeuvre the fork and knife over a plate of grilled fish cutlet without being able to see the food?

I have. It was a great one-hour experience that I would recommend everyone to try it too. In that one hour, I have learnt how visually impaired people live every minute of their life in darkness. I realised that my ears have become sharper and sensitive to sound. Food also taste differently as we truly relied only on our 2 other senses: smell and taste to savour the food. As the food is served by the visually impaired, I learnt to be patience and focus on doing one thing at a time. In the end of the session, I deeply appreciate what I already have and may have taken granted for: a healthy and able body.

The restaurant we are dining in is run by the visually impaired group. The restaurant aims to raise awareness of the challenges that persons with vision impairment face in their daily activities. It provide opportunity for the visually impaired acquiring new skill and thus create job opportunities for them.

Anyone who has tried this before will know that it is more than just supporting and learning about the visually impaired. It is about learning to trust, listening, staying focus, exercising patience, conquering our fears and much much more. Lets' do a good cause and at the same time get to know ourselves and others better while filling our stomachs: one stone kills 3 birds.

The restaurant serves halal food and the set lunch cost $30 or $37 net. The set comprises of starter, main course, dessert and coffee / tea. We need min 10 people to make this happen.

Please let us know your choice of main course so that the restaurant can help us prepare our lunch.

1) Grilled Chicken Chop Spaghetti, $30 
2) Black Pepper Chicken Spaghetti, $30 
3) Grilled Fish Cutlet, $30 
4) Spaghetti Beef Balls, $30 
5) Vegetarian Spaghetti, $30 
6) Mixed Grilled (Lamb & Beef), $37

Your funds will be used to make reservation and as reservation must be made at least one month prior to dining date. Pls indicate your choice of main course too.