A Secret Kampong "hidden" in Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Singapore

Beauty World MRT Exit A

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Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Singapore: A Secret Kampong "h...

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for supporting this event. Whether you are in the confirmed RSVP list or the Waitlist, all of you are welcome to join this morning walk with us.

We will be meeting you 9am outside Beauty World MRT Exit A (Downtown Line, blue colour line). We will be in an orange 3PlayGrounds T-shirt.

Due to the overwhelming response, so pls be punctual and pardon us that we would not be able to wait for latecomers.

This is a rain or shine event. However, if there is a thunderstorm at the time of meeting
, and safety is being compromised, then the event will be postponed.

Pls bring along the following items for a comfy and enjoyable walk:

- Cap

- umbrella/raincoat

- mosquito repellent

- drinking water

- Come in covered sports shoes. No heels or dress shoes


Pls look out for 3PG email (chat message) from the event page for update. If there is no message from us, it means the trip is continued.

See you this Saturday!

3PlayGrounds Team

Many of us have walked, jogged, or hiked in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. But not many know that once upon a time a Malay and a Chinese kampong were in the vicinity. Today, there is still ruins of the old Chinese kampong within the dense vegetation. It is so well-hidden that few know it exists

Let’s visit the place again, have a look at the remnants of a well, a bathroom stall, a kitchen and a storage area which are still standing there today, and visualise the kampong life there.

A Secret Kampong

A Secret Kampong

Credit mentioned to http://joyloh.com/blog/?p=11726