A memory lane to the historical sites in Sembawang

Sembawang Singapore

Sembawang MRT Station

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Sembawang Singapore: A memory lane to the historical site...

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Let’s hike to the Sembawang black and white houses, old gate and Sembawang shipyard. 

A memory lane to the historical sites in Sembawang starting at Sembawang Singapore
One of the black and white colonial houses, photo credits to HIstoryBuff6@Flickr


This 5km hike you will see Sembawang Shipyard that was once the base for British Navy.  Then a Beaulieu house which served as a residence for senior engineers during construction, the operation of the Naval base. Along the hike, you will see a gate to a demolished house that is believed to be owned by Cycle and Carriage boss.  Then a 70 years old rubber tree and 50 black and white houses build during British times along Gibraltar Crescent, Queens Avenue, Kings Avenue, and several other roads.